DemiCon is 2 months and 3 days away

I am officially not sick anymore.  I feel great actually.  A little tired, but hey, that’s par for the course.  The sickness lasted almost exactly 48 hours, then all the symptoms went away.  I have heard about 48 hour colds/flus but didn’t believe in them, well I believe in them now cuz I experienced one.  I am still taking the Advair for the cough, but its the cough I had before ArctiCon, not the nasty thing I had after it.  It’s just weird, I have a barely functioning immune system, and it fought off a flu that was destined to be a nasty one in two days.  Go immune system.

I did get some programming done yesterday.  3 pages that now look like they came from the 90s.  Just basic HTML and very basic CSS.  Just getting the words right now, then going to go in and JavaScript it, and makes the major changes.  Kind of waiting for the art in order to plug it in where it goes.  Right now, I am using a placeholder dragonborn jpg that I don’t own.  Can’t use art that I do not own.  Don’t want to get sued.   That would more than suck.  Probably get a cease and desist letter instead of a lawsuit, but still it would suck.  Anyhow, I plan on doing a few more pages of 90s HTML/CSS for the words, then I will go start to make them pretty.

20 days till Spring.   Someone take Mother Nature off autopilot and get her to spread some warmth.  Right now we have another polar vortex heading this way.   Supposed to be in the coldest 3 March days ever on Monday.   COLD.  I’m sick of the cold, it’s time to be at least 40 degrees and snow is supposed to start melting and flooding is supposed to commence.  But No, we get COLD and SNOW for a few more week.  Boy was the groundhog wrong this year.

I slept good last night.  Adding 2 weeks to my deadline really seems to have mellowed me out sleepingwise.  I am not stressed in the least bit about getting the website done, which is all that is left to do.  Art is on the way.  Everything else is set.   Yeah, buddy.  Just got the one thing left to do, and yeah, its a big thing, but hey it’s all good.  I can do this.  I have a plan for getting it done, and I am sticking to said plan.  As long as I stick to this plan, I should have no problem being finished on time.

Speaking of the Art being on its way.  Jon of Liebl Marketing Group but the rush but don’t shirk quality order in with the graphic artist.  I need at least the LOGO, asap in order to order the t-shirts.  I hope he doesn’t go overboard on colors on the logo, cuz each color increases the price of the t-shirts significantly. is the only place I found that does custom t-shirts with truly no minimum.   If someone out there knows someone cheaper that has no minimum, please let me know.

I am right now listening to the Bohemian Rhapsody Official Soundtrack on Amazon Prime thru Alexa.  It sounds good.  I am a huge Queen fan.  Funny story, when Teresa and I first got together, Teresa had never heard Queen, never heard of Queen for that matter.  I played some Queen one night, she’s like “who is this” and I am like “it’s Queen” and that broke down into a long discussion about Queen and Freddie Mercury.  She became as big of a Queen fan as I am that night.

I am suggesting we take my car up to Mayo on the 6th.  It’s gonna be cold, and Teresa’s car has a problem with the defroster.   Last time we ended up driving home with a few inch slit to see thru for part of the way.  This time the roads are supposed to be crappy.  I don’t want to have any problems seeing on crappy roads.  I don’t want to have survived MDS to end up dead in a ditch on the 35.   Not worried about Teresa’s driving, I am more worried about idiots who don’t know how to drive on crappy roads.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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