Car troubles again

Took my 2005 Dodge Neon in for an oil change, turns out besides the oil change it has a transmission leak.  Teresa didn’t want to get it fixed here, she wants to get it fixed up in Rochester at the place where we had her car fixed.  Cool enough, we are heading up there day after tomorrow and we were planning on taking my car.  So while I get poked and prodded, the car will have its transmission seal replaced.   Adel Chrysler quoted us 485 bucks to fix it, I am guessing that it’ll be more up in Rochester.  Car is 14 years old, it has served me well for 10 years, it might be time to start looking in to buying a newer used car because every time my car goes to the shop, it’s something else too.  But get this fixed and whatever else is broke, it should still be a good car.  Heh, maybe I’ll still be driving it when it turns 20.

Teresa has this theory that my cough will go away if I am up more (sitting in a chair, moving around, stuff like that).  She says its worse because I lay in bed all the time.  I think she might be partly right, but its asthma and asthma causes coughing and such.  Dr Scott said moving 10 miles could get rid of my asthma for a number of years, moving is not an option.  So, I get to live with this cough for the rest of my life.  A gift from the gods for curing me of cancer.  It could be worse, it could not go away when I go on travel anywhere.  I didn’t cough at mom and Jim’s, and I won’t cough at Mayo.   It’s purely a here thing.  Whatever it is my asthma is reacting to is in Adel and the western half of the greater Des Moines area.

16 days till Spring and no break from Winter in the foreseeable future.  OK, that’s an exaggeration, looks like we have some 40s coming up.  That’ll be nice.  Although one day that says 40 says ICE to RAIN and the other says RAIN/SNOW showers.  So, it’ll be Wintery/Spring days I guess.  I wonder if the 40s are gonna be a thing after the 10 day forecast, that would be sweet.  Even though the 40 would cause melting (and the rain causes melting too) and thereby flooding and with a 9 inch ice pack, there is gonna be a lot of flooding.  Oh well, we live at the top of a slope up from the river, have about 20 houses to grab before it would get to us, and there will not be THAT MUCH flooding, EVER.

My email problems are still happening.  But the guy who takes care of the email for Mediacom is now aware of said problems.  And the problems are being looked into.  I guess that is one of the perks of being married to Teresa.  She just sent him an IM and he got right on it.  Like magic.  I would have had to go thru tech support and it wouldn’t have been pleasant.

I just checked my weight, but I just ate lunch, so it’s higher than normal.  It said 207.2.  So after the food digests I should be around 205 still.   It’s all good, I just don’t want to be 234 again.

I’m gonna get on my website this afternoon.  Gonna get some stuff done.  I have slacked long enough, it’s time to get busy on it.  Last week I installed Bootstrap but when Div thing didn’t work.  So, I am back to trying to get that to work…  I think I know what I did wrong.  I should be able to get it working.

Mayo the day after tomorrow.  Getting up at 3 to be out the door by 4 to be there by 8.  UGH.  Those days are brutal.  I normally can’t sleep in a car, but I think this time I will try real hard.  Gonna take a pillow and a blanket.  See if I can’t sleep.  Teresa won’t mind.

I decided to start a new online D&D game,  Aravas.  Stealing ideas from a lot of places.  However, we are short 1 or 2 players.  I went to reddit no luck, I tried twitter no luck.  May have to run an NPC instead of a 5th player.  I’m cool with that if the players are.  It’d be fun.   I’ve just ran out of people to ask.  Roll20 has pretty much killed Theater of the Mind.  I may have to get with the times and learn Roll20 if I am gonna stay a DM or even if I am gonna be a player.  Kinda sucks, I like Theater of the Mind.  Oh well, I got 4 people wanting to play, Spring’s immense is killing me, people have lives.  I will try reddit one more time with feeling.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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