More waiting

So now I wait, I wait for contact from Mayo saying these stem cell transfusions have been approved by our insurance.  Wait for Dr. Alkhateeb (well, one of his nurses or scheduling people) contacts me with my first scheduled transfusion.  Could be a few days, could be more than a month.  There is no rush to the insurance company, things take as long as they take.  So now all I can do is wait.  And as I have said a million times before, I hate waiting.  It shouldn’t take long for the insurance company to go “The doctor says this is necessary, we should approve it.”   We’ll see how long it takes.

Finally get to work on my website some more.  Long story, but more days have been spent thinking about it rather than doing it.  Kind of annoying that I haven’t had the opportunity to not be able to program the website in like a week.  It is, however, only the 8th of March, I have plenty of time to get on it and get it done, which is exactly what I plan to do after lunch.  I will figure out my div problem, and move on to the next issue, then the next and the next.

My D&D campaign, well at least the first night of it, is ready to roll.  Aravas is going to be a fun campaign.  I’ve decided it is going to be low magic.  Meaning not a lot of magic items will be given out.  And those that are tend to not be the most powerful of magic items.   Spell casters will still have all their magic, juts magic in the world isn’t so common.  Saves me from over magicing the party too early.  Which I have done in every campaign I have started online.  Other than that, everything is going to be mostly by the book Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.

The party doesn’t know each other, but are for some reason gonna be at the Inn of the White Rose at the same time.  Then something is gonna happen and the party is going to be thrown together to deal with it or die.  Got to love D&D, you can do exactly that, make the party do what you want or make it where they are gonna die.  I don’t do that often, but heh, this is to get the campaign rolling, if they don’t do what I want them to do, the campaign would never get started.  So its do or die.

I forgot to mention my car and its journey to being repaired.  The mechanics up in Rochester fixed my transmission leak, both of them, cheaper than what was quoted by Deery Adel Chrysler.  They also found out that the suspension job I had done by Deery Adel Chrysler was done very poorly, and that is what is causing the steering column leak, a pretty severe one he said.  And finally, the belt that keeps the upper engine and lower engine working together needs to be replaced.  He said most of the belts need to be replaced actually, something Deery Adel Chrysler never mentioned in all the time they have serviced my car.  So, it’s gonna be $1600.00 more to get my car into great condition again.  Bringing the total of cost for repairing my 2015 Dodge Neon to just over $2000.00 for this year.  I don’t think when all this gets fixed, that there is much that needs to be fixed after that.  I mean when this is fixed, it’ll be good for a few more years, I’ll be driving it for its 20th birthday.  That’s kind of cool.  Plus it still doesn’t have 100,000 miles on it.

I finally listened to the TOP 10 Worst Songs that I posted the other day.  I made it thru them all, and I pretty much agreed with the list, and laughed when Justin Bieber’s Baby Baby Baby was number 1.  That song annoyed the heck out of me when it was popular.

12 days till Spring and I can almost believe it with todays weather.  The melt has started.  It’s 40some degrees. Too much of a snow pack for flooding yet.  But plenty of wet.  Should melt yesterday’s snow off my car.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be 40some and raining.  Rain rain come and melt the snow away.  Holy Cow, KCCI says that Wednesday will be 52 degrees and raining.  All the days in the 10 day forecast are above freezing highs, although we have a Rain/Snow and an Ice/Rain in the 10 day as well.  Oh well, gotta love it, looks like winter is throwing out some last gasps stuff and Spring is gonna bounce in here after all.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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