I won’t say I’ll miss it

Today was my last Pentamidine treatment.  It almost wasn’t though.  Kerrie, Dr. Wehbe’s  head nurse supposedly made the appointment last week, but when I got to the hospital they had no record of me having an appointment.  SUCKAGE.  So I called Dr. Wehbe’s office to find out that Kerrie and Dr. Wehbe had today off.  I then got connected to Jocelyn, one of Dr. Wehbe’s other nurses, and she set off to find out what was going on.  She took an hour and twenty-five minutes to get the order written by another doctor in the practice and fax it to the hospital’s patient check-in people.  ZZZZZZ  After that things went fairly quickly and I got thru the Pentamidine without incident and only spent 2 hours at the hospital for what if it wasn’t for the mistake should have taken less than a half hour.  And for you who might be curious as to what Pentamidine is, its a breathing treatment which helps prevent pneumococcal pneumonia, a concern from my stem cell transplant.  Anyhow, it takes anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes (I was done in 12 today) to administer and it tastes god-awful.

I wish we didn’t have the time change, again I slept thru my early morning meds Alexa alarm.  So they were late, which made my mid morning meds late, which made me almost forget my late morning med.  I’ll take a moment here to officially complain about the time change.   Hectic.blog does not support the US Chamber of Commerce in their attempt to control the United States populace by not letting Congress eliminate daylight savings time, frankly YOU SUCK.

9 Days till Spring.  Woot.  The rain over the next 3 days with 50ish degree weather is very early Springish.   Tomorrow we MIGHT have a wintry mix for part of the day.  Then its supposed to warm up and be all rain.  That is what kept our weather man from declaring winter and snow over.  Coward.  I declare winter to be over in Adel, Iowa.  No more snow.  Spring is here finally.  Now the temps just need to climb up to normal for the time.

My shirts from Vistaprint will be here on pi-day. 3.14.  I ordered them entirely too soon.  Don’t need them till May.  Oh well.  I have them if I decide to go to Mayhem on Wednesday nights for game night.  But dammit, I forgot about Wednesday game night when I agreed to be in Danny’s new game on Wednesday nights.  It’s a restart of his campaign that he cancelled a few months ago.  He said he has changed the start, but the start before was cool in my opinion, I wouldn’t have minded doing that start again.   Yeah, most of us would know what was gonna happen, but it was fun.  So, I am going back on Roll20 for Danny’s game.  He went PRO, so he has all the spell flashes and dynamic fog of war and all the cool stuff.  I decided to play a wood elf ranger as opposed to having to fight with charactermancer with something different.

My game, Aravas, starts tomorrow night.  Not sure what the party is doing for traps detection and removal and lock picking at this time.  They do not have a thief of any form.  And giving thieves tools to the monk is a stop gap measure, not a perma-fix. But anyhow, 6 out of 6 characters are ready.  The first adventure is ready.  Characters might die.  I did not make it easy.  But I am ready to make things happen.  We ended up with a Berserker Barbarian, A Drunken Monk, A Devotion Paladin, A fiend Warlock (yeah, a good pally and an evilish warlock, gonna be fun), An Evocation Wizard, and a Druid of the Shepherd.  If the Paladin and Warlock don’t end up fighting in the first session, I will be surprised.  But the Paladin is the new to D&D guy, so he might miss the implications.  Oh well, first time he does his detect evil and the warlock sets off as evil, that should be as subtle as a 2×4.  Not that I want my player’s characters fighting each other, but I warned him that his warlock was going to cause issues if we got a paladin in the party.  And I will say it now, I DID NOT say anything about the warlock when the player chose to play a paladin.  It was purely his choice.

My work project suffered another day of not touching.  I am such a slacker. Tomorrow if my Facebook chat doesn’t explode pre-game, I WILL spend some time on getting the website working.  Time is actually running out on me.  But I totally miss DMing and playing D&D, so I am gonna do these games.  And work around them.  Stupid I know, but its what I feel I need to do right now.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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