Mayo on April 8th cancelled and it D&D day

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The endocrinology people at Mayo said I can get the Cortisol test done locally, so we have no reason for the 7:20am appointment on April 8th.   Yes, the are cancelling that and I will get to take the test at Dr. Wehbe’s office lab (I think, worse case I have to go to Mercy).  Furthermore, my hydrocortisone was taken down another 5mg, so, its 10mg in the early morning and 5mg in the afternoon.  To be honest, I forgot the afternoon dose as often as I remembered to take it.  Arguably, I didn’t need it as my Cortisol level was never low enough to warrant it.  However at the time, I wasn’t eating or drinking and I was sleeping all the time and the hydrocortisone helped at the time.  But I do not think I need it anymore and would love to be off it.  And that is the direction we are headed.

8 days till Spring is officially here.  It’s warming up a little here.  Gonna have rain to melt away the snow tonight, tomorrow, and Thursday.  There is already minor flooding, according to the news, in some parts of the state.  Going to get worse before it gets better.

Des Moines is taking the pot hole problem seriously though.  They have three times as many workers out patching holes from the melting, and they have an app to report them.  Go Des Moines public works.  You guys rock.

I actually got up on time today.  Must be getting used to the time change.  I still wish they would just get rid of time changes.  I was told that Trump is trying to get rid of the time change, if he does it’ll be the first thing I agree with him on I think.  Oops, got political, sorry.

I weigh 207.6 as of weigh in this morning, still slowly putting on weight.   Not exactly happy about that.  Perhaps once I get off the hydrocortisone all together I will be able to eat like a normal person.  But as of now, I eat like a 400 pounder sometimes and that is not good when trying to maintain a weight.  I still would like to weigh closer to 200 pounds, but I will live with wherever I end up.

Hmm, the endocrinology lady wants to as TSH (thyroid) to my test on April 8th.  Seems that number was a little on the low side last time they checked it.  It’s all good, it’s just blood.  And if my TSH is low, they will raise my levothyroxine, so a pill change not a pill add.

Aravas starts tonight with a big surprise for the party.  They think they have crowd control figured out.  They are in for a shock.   But that’s ok, that is what Dungeons and Dragons is about.  Keep the players surprised and engaged.   But most importantly have fun.  And I think tonight’s plan is going to be fun.  And if they chew thru what I do have planned for tonight, next week’s plan will get a definite tweak.  But I honestly think I have the party facing a goodly balanced challenge.  Which should be the goal of every DM, not too easy, not too hard.  Plus I get to introduce two new big bad guys that the party won’t get to fight tonight.  And infer a real big bad guy which the party definitely won’t get to fight for a while.  But there will be plenty of little things for them to squash, so it’ll be plenty fun for them.

The Paladin has a fatalist attitude going into this, “I fully expect to die.”  That’s not good.  I even told him about the face that in all my games I have yet to kill any character, came close more than once, but never actually made any player have to reroll.  Gotta give him a big victory so he will feel better about himself.  I have defeatism before the first sword is drawn.

Danny’s Wednesday night game doesn’t start to the 27th.  I decided against playing Hectic the Wood Elf Ranger and went with Isilva the Silver Dragonborn Paladin.  He wields a flail and doesn’t take crap from anyone.  He’s gonna rock a bunch of Yuan-ti cuz they are evil and he is good, simple as that.  Evil must be destroyed.  Wish the game was starting sooner, but one of the players just isn’t available.  So I wait.

The Facebook message storm that I expected today hit hard this morning.  Lots of questions and I wants came flooding my messages.  I caved for most everything because I am a really nice DM.  But that has kept me from working on my work project.  This flood will calm down soon I am sure and then I will stumble over to the Mac and see if I can’t get something going today.  Tomorrow will be just as bad with after game mumbo-jumbo over Facebook messenger.  People deciding they would have rather done this or can they do that next time.   I can’t say I don’t enjoy this part.  I can say it is time consuming though.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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