Not sleeping well AGAIN

Here I am, up at some ridiculous hour again.  Not sleeping good at all.  Went to bed at 11pm, which is about when I normally go to bed and woke up at 4:30am wide awake.  I guess I am going to have to go see Chris and get some more Restoril, if he’ll give it to me.  If he won’t, I’ll have to get an appointment with a counselor and then get an appointment with Dr. Fialkov, my shrink who I haven’t seen in a year and a half.  Or find another shrink who I can convince I need Restoril to sleep through the night.  Boo to that, I hope Chris will write the prescription.

One week till Spring is officially here.  Yep, by the look at the 10 day forecast, Spring has FINALLY wrestled control of the weather from Winter.  On the last day of the 10 day, which happens to be a Friday, it showed sunny and 64.  SWEET.  today is supposed to get to 56, but tomorrow high is supposed to be mid 40s.  And mid 40s carry us for a while.  Today and tomorrow its supposed to rain and rain and rain.  That should get rid of most of this lingering snow.   Flooding has become a major deal, little rivers are becoming big rivers, and big rivers are starting to flood and there is quite a bit of snow left to melt.  But like I said, we are a dozen house from the Racoon River and a big hill.  So no worry about flooding here.

I’m having lunch with Drew on Monday.  Haven’t seen Drew in forever, its about time we got together for lunch again.  He has chosen HuHot, one of my favorite restaurants.  So how could I possibly say No.  I will pick him up around 11:30 we will head over to HuHot, have a nice lunch and a nice chat.  Then I will take him back to his office.  Drew is a great friend, I should do more with him, but since my life is mostly about gaming we don’t have that in common.  Oh well, we still find common ground to chat about, it’s all good.

207.8 for morning weight in.  Gained .2 pounds since yesterday.  Or it could be the gummi bears I had for breakfast.  Point is, I am not really gaining and I am not really losing.  I want to lose some of this weight, but I have no desire to work for it.  I’m a lazy bum and it shows.  But hey, at least I own that.  Some day I might just do something about my weight, but today I will just be me.

Aravas, my D&D game last night was great.  The party jelled together, well, except for one character whose player might have over thought it.  Five out of the Six worked really well together, while the 6th was off changing clothes.  Weird.  But anyhow, they took on a lot of undead, that was the big surprise that was to draw them together, heh here’s 100 undead, kill them before they kill you.  Luckily, the barbarian took the brunt of the damage and he is a damage sponge.  And the druid healer did what he could to help the barbarian.  They ended up with a battle on two fronts.  The casters dealing with ghouls in front of the inn, and the melee dealing with ghasts around the corner.  When all was said and done, for combat they got 700 experience points, for working together as a team, they got 1000 experience points.  They needed 1800 to level.  LOL.  I gave them 100 bonus experience cuz I love them.  Then put Happy Level 4.  Now they have to pick a feat before next week.  There aren’t a lot of good feats, but there are several really good feats, and picking one can be really difficult.  But it’s all good, they hit level 4, they got a long rest to get their hit points and spells back, they got bigger, badder undead to deal with next week.  The stage is set for at least one more session of mindless combat.  Last night was fun and I get to do it again next week.  Woot.

Still haven’t heard from Dr. Alkhateeb’s office about insurance approval for the stem cell transfusions.  Hope he remembered to submit the request this time 🙂   I want to get on with these thing as soon as possible, I know it takes time to get insurance approval, maybe I’ll get Teresa to give the insurance company a call just to make sure they got the request.  And get an estimated time on approval.  I have to get 3 of these and they are given a month apart (unless there are major issues).  April, May, June.  I may miss my brother’s summer party again. Boo.  I sure hope I don’t miss it.

Danny’s game is still two weeks away.  I don’t know roll20 well enough to level my character all the way to 4, so Danny said he will fix it.  Isilva is just waiting to get out to play.  It’s going to be fun.  Finally back to killing Yuan-ti, like I was supposed to be doing all along.  Danny just got distracted and then found out his friend who distracted him was/is more crazy than Danny.  That brought Danny back to the DM seat.  Sorry he might have lost a friend, but happy to have his campaign back.  We are starting over, but Danny has changed up the start he says, so it’s all good.

My headset might be dying or the weather was causing issues last night.  I kept cutting out.  I may have to break out my other headset and test it.  Luckily I do have an exact duplicate spare.   So where I can’t say it’s all good, I can say I got it covered.

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