Ends with a touch of Ska

Up today at 5:35am.  I have no reason to be up at 5:35am.  Dogs get fed at 6:30am normally, today they got fed a little early cuz they went ape when I headed to the computer which is next to where they get fed.  So, what does Hectic do when he is up this early?  He surfs Facebook and Twitter.  He eats leftover pizza.  And he decides to write his blog.  Nothing earthshattering because I have to be quiet due to the fact that Teresa is asleep still in the same room.  So, I have to be quiet or try to go back to sleep for the next 5 or 6 hours.  Sometimes its aggravating, but it is what it is, she likes to stay up real late and then really sleep in on the weekends.  Can’t complain because she does basically everything.  So I will type my blog out, then try to take a nap, funny that my snoring isn’t considered making noise.  lol.

Spring officially arrives in 4 days.  In 4 days the flooding should be mostly over.  95% of the snow has melted, the rivers have all swelled.  Some serious flooding has occurred. There is no rain forecast in the next 4 days (longer actually) and the temperature is climbing, so the flooded areas should get some relief.  I tell ya, I am happy to not live in a flood plain.  These people who build houses in known flood plains are just dumb.  Not only do you have to carry special insurance, but you have to deal with a flooded house every so often.  Crazy.

I need serious help with my business project, I learned jack from the video class I took.  And time is running shorter and shorter and I am getting no further.  I am spinning my wheels on the first page.  Embarrassing it is.  I’m going to find out what kind of deal I can make with Jon and Justin at Liebl marketing group for Justin’s knowledge.  He is an incredible web designer, he’ll know what I am doing wrong an how to fix it.  Maybe they’ll throw it in for free since I am spending so much on art.  Nah, that is just dreaming, nothing in life is free.

Aravas, my Tuesday night D&D game is set to go again this Tuesday.  The party got a long rest after making redead a lot of undead.  They are back in good shape.  The city has began cleaning up the mess of undead parts and people parts but won’t get to where the party is resting for a few days.  That means there might just happen to be a few undead left.  Aren’t I am stinker.  Well, I gave them level 4, the least they can do is kill a few more undead.  After the undead the are going to meet a mysterious man who wants them to venture into the wilds and retrieve something from a party which never returned.  Hmm, party never returned, new party goes to find their remains, whatever killed the first party might still be there.  Poor party.

Neven, my Friday night D&D game is set to start next Friday.  The rogue has decided to become a cleric and play healer, which is good, cuz I was going to have to send a healbot along which the party definitely didn’t want.  Problem is now they do not have a rogue to detect and remove traps and open locks.   Heh.  Not sending a roguebot along.  It’s all good, they will get by just fine without a rogue.  They are gonna start out in the city  and find out that something happened to someone important’s family.  Gonna have to run around the city and find out where the family went.  And then go after them.  A rescue mission?  perhaps.

Danny’s game on Wednesday nights is still 11 days away.  Isilva the paladin might go thru a slight change between now and then, I am thinking heavy weapons as opposed to sword and shield.  Just a thought.  Polearm master is a great feat.  Wield a halberd.  But giving up 2 Armor for giving up the shield, that can be a big difference.  Decisions,  decisions, there are decisions to be made.  One way or the other Isilva is gonna be fun as heck to play.

I am not looking forward to these stem cell infusions.  I dodged the bullet with GvHD the first time, now I am going to give it 3 more tries.  I’m just not feeling it right now.  It’s not that I am afraid, I’m sure nothing horrible is going to happen, but why tempt fate?  I’ll get over my trepidation, the first infusion is in 27 days (I think I added right), I’ll be nervous about it for a while, then I will just accept it.  Cool thing about this though, gonna find out if my blood type changed next visit.  I was an O, now I am supposed to be an A.  Yup, get a stem cell transplant (or bone marrow transplant) and if you aren’t the same blood type as your donor, your blood type normally changes in about a year.   So, I should be an A right now.

I did step on the scale first thing this morning and got a surprise, I have went from 205 to 208 again.  But I figure its the pizza I ate last night.  I will NOT get back up to 235, you can’t make me get up to 235, under 210 is fine, 200 is optimal.  We’ll see if I can ever get back to 200.  lol.  A boy can dream.

Well, I am tired, so I am heading back to bed.  It is 7:36am.  I will have been up for 2 hours by the time I fall back asleep, it’ll be more like 2 1/2.  I will sleep till 9am when Alexa goes off to tell me to take my meds again.  Then either I will get up again or go back to sleep, only to be disturbed by Alexa one more time at 11 to tell me to take my Advair which I have stopped taking. woot.  No more winter, no more serious cough, no more breathing problems.  Sweet.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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