I love my highly technical wife

I slept.  I slept.  From 10:40pm to 6:30am.  Almost 8 hours.  It’s a miracle.  Either that or I was just really tired.  Anyway, maybe my body has come to terms with the stress I won’t talk about or maybe I was just too warn out.  Either way it felt good to sleep that long.  I still will probably take a nap when I finish this blog, but I feel wonderful getting a full nights sleep.

2 days until officially it is Spring.  But looking out my window this morning, early Spring is definitely here.  The floods are receding according to the news.  So, Fleur Drive is supposed to open back up tomorrow they said.  And the 169 is supposed to open back up on Wednesday or Thursday, both are currently under water.

I forgot to step on the scale this morning and just ate a big piece of peach pie, so no weight update today.  Last night when I went to bed I was 207.6.

Teresa is gonna help me with my website in the evenings.  I just have to tell her what I want.  She will google how to do it and make it happen.  My wife is the greatest.  Scripting is what she does partly for a living, not website scripting, but scripting none-the-less.  So she is able to pick up and understand this stuff better than I can.  So, since she volunteered, I am gonna use her.  We’ll get this site done in no time with her doing the web development.  I am useless, simple as that, I learned a big fat nothing in my web development class.  If it hadn’t been so long since I “finished” I’d ask for a refund, it was that bad.  The good news is, I can explain to Teresa what I want and she can make it happen in a matter of minutes.  Yup Teresa is that good.

I posted in Aravas chat what was going to happen tomorrow night.  People are excited.  Makes me feel good that I can entertain 6 people for 3 hours twice a week.  But anyway Aravas, among other things they are gonna get hired to go fetch something of value, and when they get it, they are going to have to decide whether the return it to the guy who hired them or keep it for themselves… moral quandary.   It’s that valuable to them.  If they return it, they get a few magic bobbles and a pile of gold.  If they keep it, they make a new enemy but gain so much.  So we shall see what they do tomorrow night.

Neven is ready to go.  Well, except for one character isn’t finished, it’s ready to go.  All my part is ready.  It’s all good too.  Mint will finish her character today I am sure.  Then tomorrow during the day I will review all the characters to make sure there are no mistakes or omissions.  Then we will be ready to roll Friday evening.  Hopefully I don’t kill anyone, but the warlock gives me pause, he said he is not built for combat.  That might get him killed.  How do you make a character, a warlock of all things, not built for combat.  Mind boggling.   Well, I told them all there would be some serious combat, so he can’t say he didn’t know.

Danny’s campaign starts in 9 days.  I have decided NOT to play a Dragonborn Paladin.  Yeah, I have been talking about how cool it would be and all that, but I decided to hold of on pulling that trigger for Cori’s campaign that will happen some day.  Right now, I am trying to decide between an elven arcane archer and a dwarven battlerager.  Do I want to be cool ranged shooter, or in your face porcupine fighter.  Both have their merits.  One minute I am leaning towards the archer, the next the dwarf.  I rolled real well on both of them, so that is not an issue.  I am just flummoxed as to which to choose.  For those that know D&D Arcane Archer is a Fighter type, while the Battlerager is a Barbarian type.

3 weeks and 4 days and I am back at Mayo.  Back at the Gift of Life Transplant House.  The thought of being there brings back some not bad, but not good memories.  It’s all good though, I’ll be ok.  Go there, get the infusions, come home, have GvHD, mope around with a rash or something minor, then go back and do it again in a month, and then again in another month.  I won’t feel any different after its all done.  I’ll just have more of this german guy’s stem cells in me.  Soon, if he agreed, I will get his name and address, so I can send him a thank you card and letter.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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