sleep you wonderful thing

Well, I slept again.  I tried to get up with Teresa at 6am but couldn’t quite make it, so I got up at 8:10am when Mojo started barking.  And I will be taking a nap shortly, I have to be awake this evening for Aravas, the D&D game.  What am I saying?  I would take a nap anyway, I like naps.  What I don’t like and haven’t come up with a solution for is being woke up by Mojo barking.  Every morning he wakes me up, guaranteed, and he’s barking at nothing, it’s highly frustrating.  He barks enough to wake me up and make me have to use the restroom and then comes back in the bedroom, climbs on the bed and goes to sleep.   ARGH, if he wanted to go to sleep, why did he go thru all the barking?

Tomorrow is the first official day of Spring.  Highs in the 50s and 60s in the 10 day forecast.  Yeah, buddy… we’re having a heat wave.  Meanwhile Nebraska is a disaster area with their ice jams and flooding.  But while the mainstream media seems to be ignoring Nebraska the same stuff is happening in Western and Southern Iowa.  I wouldn’t know about either places having problems if not for our local news.  The local news is showing Iowa and Nebraska, but the national news is ragging about Trump and the big fire in Florida (I think).  Oh well, Pence is headed to Nebraska today, so maybe something will get done.

Dammit, I forgot to get on the scale before I ate again.  At this rate, I’ll never know if I am gaining or losing weight.  Can’t really tell after I eat in the morning.  Tomorrow I will endeavor to remember to weigh myself first.  For today I had a lot of leftover Ziti and pasta feels like it weighs a ton.

Facebook messenger online appears to be having problem again.  I had to switch to my phone to respond to a message.  Don’t the people at Facebook know that messenger is the real reason we use Facebook?  Well, hopefully it won’t be an all day problem cuz the game tonight, we use messenger while we play.  Be frustrating as heck to have to use our phones for messenger (yes, phone messenger seems to be working) when Facebook is open on our computers.  Oh silly Facebook you have been having a lot of problems lately.  I wonder what your real problem is?

I still can’t believe that Teresa is going to help me with my work project.  I wonder what changed her mind from, “I do not want anything to do with it” to “Whats your problem, I’ll be glad to help.”  Big turn around.  Saves me money though, I don’t have to hire anyone.  So that is a big plus in my book.  She is amazing.  And her google-fu abilities are so much better than mine.  I googled for the solution to my problem and just got more confused, she googled for my problem and had it fixed in 2 minutes.  I tell ya, I wish I had one-tenth of her ability on scripting and google-fuing.  I might have been able to do said project on my own.

As I have said Aravas is tonight, Danny is going to be late which means I have to shift everything around that I was going to do.  The party will die to the undead without all 6 of them there.  So we are gonna start out with the meet and greet portion and maybe the creepy gnome hiring them.  But none of the combat can go on without Danny and he doesn’t know for sure when he will be on.  But family comes first, so we work around his lateness.  I got other stuff for the party to do.

Neven is ready to go for Friday.  I am gonna do another once over the characters to make sure everything is cool, today.  Then we will truly be ready to play on Friday.

I decide on Shoten the Dark, an Shadar-Kai elf Arcane Archer, for Danny’s campaign.  He kind of sucks at low level but gets better to darn right cool at higher levels.  Right now he has 2 exploding or 2 grasping or 1 of each arrows per short rest.  So, I am gonna be whining for short rests a lot. lol.  He’s level 4 now, at like level 10 he gets really cool.  So, if Danny doesn’t cancel his game again.  We’re all good.  It’s all good.

At this point, I would rant and rave about Mayo and the transfusions.  But I have done that so much lately, I am tired of doing it.  So I am just gonna skip it today, if you haven’t read about it scroll back a few days on the blog and you will see it.

I’m not going to run 3 D&D games.  It just takes too much time.  And I get burned out real bad real quick.  I have a 3rd idea for a campaign though and I don’t know how to implement it.  So for right now the idea is just gonna sit and gel and maybe I’ll get to use it sometime.  My hiatus, even though it was not very long, spawn several of what I think are good ideas for D&D games.  So, Aravas and Neven players have best to take heed, I am a damn good DM and the new me is not afraid to kill a character or six.  I am gonna make combat challenging and let the dice roll how they will.  Losing your character sucks, but if you die a glorious death, it’s all good.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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