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I actually slept till almost 9am.  And today is the day I find out about the big stressor.  I like sleep, I like sleeping in.  I would have slept longer but the situation here at the house wouldn’t let me.  So, here it is, 9:41am and I am writing my daily blog entry.  It’s all good, I like writing it in the morning about things that happened the day before while they are still relatively fresh in my  mind.   If I waited till later I would probably forget things and have nothing really to say, not that I have a lot to say in the mornings either.

OK, it’s the first day of Spring, starting at 4:58pm here.  But since it is happening today, HAPPY FIRSY DAY OF SPRING everyone.  We made it thru a craptastic Winter.  Spring, here at least) is looking pretty good.  50s and even so 60s in our 10 day forecast, and only two chances for a minor rain.

I did get on the scale this morning, 207.2, a little heavier than I want to be but still not the evil 210.  I don’t weigh myself at night cuz I know that in the evening, before my body breaks down the food, I weigh over 210.  So morning weigh-ins is the way for me to go.

Aravas was a mess last night…  well, Mumble was a mess last night.  For the last few months, Mumble has been dropping people’s talking where random people can’t hear them but others can.  It’s especially bad for my friends in Canada.  So we called it after an hour and switched to Discord for future Voice Communication.  I really don’t like Discord much, but it does let people talk without problems and that is truly what we need.  My friend, Chris Collins set it up for me.  I wouldn’t have had a chance of setting it up, don’t know how, couldn’t do it.  It’s a simple setup, just what I needed.

Last night we had 2 people missing and normally I just cancel games when 2 out of 6 can’t make it, but for some reason I didn’t cancel.  Stupid me.  But anyhow, the party got to meet the key people I wanted them to meet, and make the deal with the sleazy gnome to retrieve the glowing box from his dead brother.  Little do they know that the glowing box is worth much more to them than the 5000gold the sleazy gnome offered them.  However, they are all good people, so they may have to return the box to the gnome and be out of luck.

Neven is having a Session 0 meet and greet tonight.  I don’t normally do session 0s or meet and greets for my players, I just normally throw them together and hope for the best.  But the kids wanted to meet everyone, so here we go.  At 7pm I plan to be on Discord for about a half hour, just long enough to say what I gotta say and then split.  Let the kids talk about whatever else they want to talk about.

Neven the campaign is set to start Friday night.  The characters are all made.  The session is all planned out.  It should go on without a hitch.  The party is a well balanced party, so they should be good to go.  Not worried about the warlock, he has eldritch blast, so he should be able to do some damage, even if he was not built for combat.  Combat is a huge part of Dungeons and Dragons, the major way to gain experience.    It’s all good though, if someone doesn’t like my style, they can leave the game, and I can find a replacement in less than 4 hours on reddit.  I like all the kids though, I hope none of them want to quit.  Not worried about Cori and Chris H, they’ll stay no matter what I do.

I am very much looking forward to Danny’s campaign, Shoten the Dark needs to be played.  Danny has some familial issues going on, so I wish him the best in these times.  And less caringly, I hope they don’t interfere with his game in a week.  I am done switching characters, Shoten is my choice.  He is basically and archer who can occasionally shoot special arrows.  One that blows up and one that entangles. But mostly he is just a cool archer.

Mayo in 3 weeks and a day.   Yay rah.  Lets get the party started.  Let’s get these silly stem cell infusions going.  I want to get them started so I can get them over.  Yeah, I will GvHD to worry about, but it wasn’t much the first time, so I don’t think it’ll be much the 2nd, 3rd and 4th times.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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