Bad dreams caused early wake up

Well, I slept till 8am today, would have slept longer but I had a really bad dream and every time I tried to go back to sleep it restarted.  I have bad dreams every now and then and usually have no problem moving past them, this one was just so real in my head.  Anyhow, that is a 9 hour sleep for tonight so I should be good, however I always have the option to take a much loved nap.  Napping is something I have always enjoyed, even when I had tons of energy and was a teenager, I loved a good nap in the middle of the day.  I think the Mexicans have it right, close up shop in the middle of the day and take a siesta.

My countdown to Spring is officially over now that Spring is officially here.  But let me tell you Spring is letting its warm flag fly.  Gonna be in the 60s a few days but of course those days it is going to rain. lol.  Weather man says they’re not going to be heavy rains, but come on, first 67 of the year and we have to deal with any rain… that sucks.  But 50s above average and 60s dominate the 10 day forecast, with one 40somehting set in there just to remind us that it is the beginning of Spring and not the end.

205.6 was the official reading of the scale this morning.  So I am fluctuating between 205.6 and 207.2.  I can definitely handle that.  I still would like to drop a few of those pounds, but I am not willing to do anything to make that happen.  So, hopefully, with what I eat, I stay right at the range I am at.  I have stayed this weight for over a month now, I don’t feel fat, I don’t feel skinny, I feel comfortable, and that is what I was shooting for.  Yup, not BMI weight, Hectic weight.

The Neven meet and greet Session 0 was a let down.  Besides me only 2 people really showed.  A third player showed for about a minute, just to say Hello real quick while he was at work.  The 3 of us chatted for about a half hour and then split.  Both Brendan and Sabre seem like cool people, heck all the kids seem like cool kids.  Would have been nicer if more people came, but since there was less than 24 hours notice given for it, I should be happy that 2 players made it.  Could have been sitting there all alone for a half hour.

Discord is going to work perfectly for the D&D games.  Yup, I am becoming a Discord convert.  We got it set up so the Neven crew has access to the Neven stuff and the Aravas crew has access to the Aravas stuff and then a shared area too.  Just to chat generalized Dungeons and Dragons talk.  It’s not much of a D&D server, no auto dice roller, no flashy text, just functional, plain and simple just like I wanted it.  Chris C did a great job for us.

All set to run Neven campaign tomorrow night.  Been ready since the weekend, its about time for Friday to roll around.  I chose to run it on Friday cuz there was too much time from Tuesday to Tuesday with Aravas.  I just had to add Neven in the middle of it.  The warlock still says he isn’t a combat guy, he is built to be a roleplay guy.   Well, I got a lot of roleplay set to happen and then some serious combat, then some more roleplay.  I am trying to accommodate the players request for “lots of roleplay”.  I put out the disclaimer that I am not Matt Mercer (a voice actor who DMs Critical Role).  I am just a DM who tries to make each person sound different.

Aravas, after fiasco with Mumble last week, is set to go on next Tuesday.  Hopefully all the players will be there and we will be able to continue.  I broke my own rule last week, when we tried to play with just 4.  The rule is if 2 or more people can’t make it, we skip that week.  It’s a good rule when 1/3 of your players aren’t there its hard to get things done.  Its especially bad when it comes to combat, I prepare for 6 and 4 would just get munched.  1 gone I can just sorta fake their character, 2 gone no game.  Simple as that.  It has served me good as the rule for many years.

Danny’s campaign starts in 6 days.  Most of me is really looking forward to it.  But part is of me is concerned that Danny is just gonna bail on it again when something better comes along.  I bail for sanity sake.  Danny has a tendency to bail because someone offers to run something else.  Now it’s probably not going to happen this time.  It’s probably gonna be a long campaign and lots of fun.  Shoten the Dark is looking forward to shooting Yuan-ti with his longbow.  He is +9 to hit, so it’s all good.  Going to do some serious damage with my bow.  And hopefully have a lot of fun doing it.

3 weeks from Mayo.  Teresa says she wouldn’t want to do it cuz of having to get IVs.  Bah, IV’s aren’t anything.   I am concerned about GvHD as I rightfully should be.  Beyond that, I have no concerns about the whole thing.   It’s just like a blood transfusion, you sit there for a while, they pump the stem cells in, you sit and wait for a reaction, then you go home.  LOL, they say 6 to 8 hours, but I just don’t see it taking that long.   Perhaps it will take 6 to 8 hours, I could be wrong, but the stem cell transfer itself is less than an hour.  And I am quick to have a reaction, as long as it’s not a horrible reaction I am guessing 3 to 4 hours tops.

Since I believe my mother-in-law still reads this, I have to ask that no one tells Teresa about this.  I filled out the FAFSA for next Fall.  And applied to DMACC again.  It probably won’t become anything, but who knows, I might be ready this time.  I have several months to think about it.  Anyhow, I chose Web Development as my major.  No double or triple major.  All the classes are in Ankeny.  30-45 minute drive.  My classes would be Monday thru Thursday I believe, I don’t think they offer web development classes on Fridays.  The video class I took and learned very little from has piqued my interest.  Teresa won’t be happy if I try again.  It’ll be try ridiculous number, 12, 13, 17 somewhere in there.  I’m might be one of those old people who try to go back to school and 30 some years.  Heh, I just might be able to do it.  I might.  A boy can dream.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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