Up too early again

And I was up at 6:15am.  Hopefully I will get to nap sometime today unlike yesterday.  Now waking up so early I usually have a good excuse for, but this time it was just because I went to bed a little early last night.  Yes, I was asleep by 10:30pm last night, yes, I was incredibly tired and did something about it.  However, I was not expecting to not be able to sleep for 10 or more hours this morning/last night.  Hey, at least I am getting consistent and my dogs are getting fed and taken out on time, it could be worse.

207.4 was my weight this morning, a little less than the 208 from yesterday.  Time to TMI, I haven’t went to the bathroom to take a dump in a few days cuz I ate entirely too much lasagna and its all backed up in there.  OK, done with TMI.  Like I have said before, as long as the morning weight in doesn’t say 210, I am happy.  Maybe if I stay this weight for another month or two, Teresa will let me buy jeans that fit.  DOH.  Yeah, I am wearing my 235 jeans with a belt cinched real tight, very uncool if you ask me.  Not that I really care if I am cool.

I went and did it, I told Danny I wasn’t going to play in his game.  I think he understood.  I was all “I want to play in your game, but I woefully behind on my work website and Teresa had volunteered to help in the evenings, and I already blow 2 of those evenings on my own games, so I can’t afford to blow a 3rd right now on a game I am just playing.”  He said he understood and it was ok.  He still has 5 players, that is enough to get any campaign going.

Aravas is next, on Tuesday,  preparation is already done cuz we didn’t REALLY play last week.  So, this week we will be resuming where we left off.  A couple undead and a walk in the wilds.  The wilds that only one man has ever survived going into and he is the party druid.  And as a matter of fact, our party is going to where his party was killed in search of a glowing cube, but I’m changing it to a diamond shape, 8 sides.  But it’s not a diamond.  Anyhow, after they get this gizmo they are contracted to take it back to the sleazy gnome, but when they find out what it is, they are not going to want to part with it.  But they are a good aligned party, so we will see how greedy they become.

Neven isn’t till Friday, but I seemed to have forgotten where I was going to go with them.  I have several things planned out for when they get a little higher in level, but that tricky 4th level.  I’ll think of something between now and then.  It’s all good, yep, it’s all good.

Mayo looms in the distance.  A reminder that I have an aggressive form of MDS and that even with these stem cell infusions, my life is still probably going to be cut severely short.  These infusions are really just to prolong my life a little bit, at least that is how I understand it.  I have listened and I have come to my own conclusions, stuff that doc won’t say, I really don’t see me living to be 60 years old.  That’s only 11 years.  It’s a sobering thought.  And it’s not going to be a nice death, it’s going to be AML all over again and this time chemo ain’t going to do anything for it.  They’ll put me in a home to die.  It’s kinda sad that no one will talk to me about this.  They all put on the happy face and tell me how well I am doing, which I am.  But if you really listen to what Dr. Alkhateeb is saying, it’s glum.

We finally got rid of the white car and can park both of our orange cars in the garage now.  We gave the white car which served us well for many years, but died a painful death to Jay who thinks he can revive it.  Jay is one of our nice neighbors.  Anyhow, Jay works on small engines for a living.  He is a tinkerer.  If anyone can fix the old Chevy it will be him.

I think I am going to GenCon this year.   That is assuming my doctor and my wife give me the ok.  It will mean probably driving 6 hours on my birthday after GenCon.  But I have always wanted to go to GenCon and Cori and Bruce offered to let me stay at their place.  I can drive to my mom’s, stay a day, drive to Cori and Bruce’s, waste the rest of the day, then spend 4 days at GenCon (if I can survive the first I will be doing good), then drive back up to mom’s spend a day, then drive home on August 6th, my birthday.  It’s a plan, don’t say it’s a good one, but it’s a plan.   Plus the whole cost of going to GenCon will be a business write-off.  Yup, my site will definitely be up by August and I will be wearing my “Ask me about TTRPG.ORG” t-shirts (which were also a write-off), so I will be talking to people and having my laptop so they can sign up right there.   Yeah buddy.  Anyhow, I have a plan, just have to clear it with a few people.

Remember, no talking to Teresa about this.  School starts August 21st.  I’m waiting to hear from admissions to find out if I am accepted again or maybe still.  I’ll call them tomorrow.  Tomorrow is Monday, right?  Yeah.  OK,  financial aid is way away.  Admissions is right now because registration day is at the end of this month which is rapidly approaching.  Like I said yesterday, I have my schedule all planned out for the next 4 years.  That can’t be right, has to be 3 years. I will look at it again later.  Anyhow, I have my scheduled all planned out for next few years.  I Just hope I can actually do it this time.  Oh yeah, I also want to get into the honors program there.  You have to have a 3.5 gpa in 11 credits, no sweat, and you are automatically in if you want in.  Part of the reason I want in is the scholarship, the other part is I think it’s look cool.  Yeah, I do care if I look cool for nerdy things.  Remember, not a word to Teresa.

Hopefully today I will be able to nap like a normal person.  Yesterday truly sucked, I laid there dozing for 2 hours waking up every 10 minutes, very frustrating.  Today I would like to take a 2 hour nap starting at around 9am, its 7:49am now.  And yes, from time to time I plan my naps.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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