Finally talked to Teresa about school

So, started the day without internet.  Cable modem was kaput.  Half hour troubleshooting with the cable company and she decided we will have a truck come out on a trouble call.  Then mysteriously, after I told Teresa what was going on, the cable modem decided to let me get online, still no phone, but I can care less about that, it’s the internet that is important in this house.  I am at a loss without internet connectivity.  I’m looking at the cable modem right now and the lights aren’t right.  But since we do not use our phone provided by the cable company, it’s all good.

I couldn’t fall asleep last night, I was way tired, but I just couldn’t start snoozing.  So, at 3am I took a Restoril.  It knocked me out.  YAY.  I slept from 3am to 10am when I was awoken by Mojo’s barking.  Mojo’s bark is one of the few things that can unintentionally wake me from a deep sleep.  I don’t know if it’s the volume, the cadence, or the pitch, but for one reason or the other, he is guaranteed to wake me up when he barks.  I did have him shut in the bedroom with me, but Teresa must have let him out.

206.6 pounds.   Yeah buddy, getting closer to 205.  Talked with Chris (my PA) and he said that 205ish range would be really good for me.  So my and my primary care guy are on the same page about my weight, and my transplant doc is too.   So everyone seems to be happy with my weight.   Cool.  I think I am going to really work at it to stay in the 205ish area, I feel good at this weight, I look as good as I am gonna look.  Yeah, 205ish is my weight of choice.  I don’t want to be fat again.

Chris (the PA) gave me anti-biotic for my sinus infection, Restoril for sleep emergencies, and pain pills cuz I don’t have an addiction problem.  lol.  30 pills written in October, still had 10 left.  He was like, yeah, I’ll give em to you, you so don’t have a problem.  If I take 2 in a month, it was a painful month.  Driving to ArctiCon and back from ArctiCon, and ArctiCon itself, and being at mom’s, that was when I took the most.  6 hour drive hurts like hell, sitting for 8 hours hurts like hell.  Heh, that whole trip was painful.  But it was a fun trip and I hope to do it again next year.

Neven, the D&D campaign is tomorrow night and I am still at a loss.  I have a couple ideas, but nothing concrete.  I’ll come up with something today I am sure.  I very rarely go into a game with no idea of what I am going to do and improvise it all.  I have done that before, but seriously it’s frazzling.  So today will be some web work and figuring out what to do with Neven crew tomorrow night.  Which brings me to….

Aravas, it’s all set.  I know exactly what is going to happen there.  That is what happens when I have 2 weeks to prepare, I get ALL the ducks in a row.  I’m not overpreparing though.  I got everything set and have just left it sit.  It is, however, a bit more prepared than I normally go.  But that’s ok, I wanted to be more prepared for this, it’s an important quest they have taken and I am curious to see how they handle it.  A good party made a deal with a sleazy gnome and they question comes down to, when they figure out what they got will they want to keep it or give it to the sleazy gnome like they agreed.  And if they don’t, what will said sleazy gnome due to them.  OH, the possibilities. It’s gonna be good.

Well, I finally talked to Teresa about school and it was quite pleasant.  Here I was expecting a discussion of hours and the whole thing lasted about 5 minutes.  She was just concerned that I was gonna use money out of the general fund to pay for school beyond what financial aid will.  That thought had actually never crossed my mind.  I plan on using my disability money to pay for school.  Anyway, once I explained that to her, all was cool and she is all on board with me trying ONE MORE TIME.  I’m going to be a 49 year old Freshman, who doesn’t have kids, but has had cancer twice, and is batshit crazy, can’t forget that.  It’s all good, except the school keeps mailing and emailing me stuff saying log into my mydmacc account but they have never told me my user name.  I have the password, and the financial aid office wants me to go accept the financial aid offer, but I can’t get in.  I’ll give them one more day before I call somebody.

Oh yeah, Chris (the PA) is setting me up with the Mercy Mental Health Coordinator, who should be calling in the next few days to get me set up with a shrink.  Which is cool.  Get all my eggs in one basket, well two baskets.  Mercy and Mayo.  But they talk to each other so it’s all good.  Anyhow, get me in to see a shrink before school starts so maybe we can head the inevitable manic off.  And yes, there are meds for mania now, don’t know if I can take them (I can’t take any that are for depression) but I am willing to give them a shot if it means I can go to school in the Fall.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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