Another BIG Announcement and my blog

First:  ANOTHER BIG ANNOUNCEMENT about my company.  It’s not gonna happen, at least not now.  I took on too much without the proper knowledge and training, so instead of just keep postponing the day of launch indefinitely.  I have decided to just not do it now.  Now, I know that some of you were excited about my site and what I promised, I was too.  But reality set in and I just can’t do and can’t afford to hire someone to do it for me,  So, without further ado, I bid farewell to TTRPG-ORG, you were a dream started too soon.

Now, on with your regular scheduled blog.

I slept I did, for almost 11 hours.  It felt good too.  I don’t feel tired and draggy today.  I feel good.  I tell ya, once school starts I’m gonna be going to bed at like 9pm in order to get 8 or 9 hours of sleep.  I do not have any 8am classes, but 9:15 class means I have to leave here by 8:15 in case of traffic or some such.  But anyhow, I slept, it felt good, and I hope to do it again tonight.  Keeping a good sleep schedule is important for bipolars, and I work very hard at keeping my sleep schedule right on track.

205.8 was the scale before lunch.  I finally did it, finally got back into the 205s.  I feel good about that.  I want to hover around 205.  It’s a weight that sounds and feels right for me.  So, here’s hoping I can keep my weight in check.

Tomorrow is Teresa’s birthday, she wants to go see a movie but she hasn’t told me what she wants to see.  I just know it’s not Dumbo.  She wants to go out to dinner at Saints Pub to get Waffle Fries and then see a movie at the new movie theater in Waukee.  I’m down with that.  I hope we get to go see Captain Marvel, but Teresa is a big Rotten Tomatoes follower and it hasn’t gotten the best reviews.  Who cares, it’s about a HOT super heroin (not the drug) who beats up bad things in a glorious way.   How bad can it be?

Then the 2nd of April (yes, Teresa was born on April Fools Day) is our 26th Wedding Anniversary.  (Yes, we got married the day after her birthday).  I am taking her out to dinner but I don’t know where yet.    As a matter of fact, I don’t have a clue as to where we are going on Tuesday night, but I know we will be going somewhere and doing something, oh yeah, she mentioned something about ice cream.  So we are probably getting ice cream.  Ah I love planning things out ahead of time.

Aravas was cancelled again this coming week cuz of our Anniversary.  Life comes before gaming.  Wife comes before Life.  Simple as that.

Neven SHOULD happen this week.  It’ll be good to play again with the “kids”.  I have the adventure all planned out.  Very little role play, lots of combat.   I know that is the opposite of what they wanted, but hey, It can’t be role play 24/7.  So, we are going to probably have complains.  But to be honest, whereas I like these “kids”, I am not feeling Neven the campaign.  Just isn’t clicking for me.  Anyhow, we play this week.  We don’t play next week cuz I will be at Mayo.  I’ll give it a few more goes before I decide if I am gonna keep going with it or I am gonna cancel it permanently.  The campaign just doesn’t feel right, right now.

I’m not going to DemiCon.  I have decided I am not even going to try.  Too close to Stem Cell infusion, will be dealing with GvHD.  I really do want to go, but I’m just not going to be able to in all likelihood.

Funny how every few years, this blog goes back to me talking about anxiety I am having with school coming up.  The blog started as me ranting about going to school.  I’m not going to rant yet.  Like I have said previously, I have more important things to worry about right now, school is just a blip on the future radar, and I kind of like it that way.  School starts in 4 months and 21 days.  Between now and then I got a LOT going on.  So let’s hope these days go by without me having too much time to stress about it.

I have my tentative schedule all excelled out.  Right now, I have web development going first, I will graduate with that AAS degree after Spring 2021.  Then I want to do Marketing right away cuz I will have a good chunk of the degree done with Web Development.  I will graduate with that AAS Degree after Spring 2022.~~~Then the dream, the maybe if I am not sick of school.  Photography and Management at the same time, graduate with 2 AAS degrees in Fall 2024 and be finished with school.  Yeah, I got a long school plan figured out.  The last 2 are just dream though, so don’t count on them.  But the first 2 are definitely going to happen. (if I can do school at all).

This is my class list for Fall 2019 assuming I can get in them all

MKT 121 Digital Marketing
SDV 108 The College Experience
WDV 101 Intro to HTML and CSS
WDV 131 Intro to Photoshop and Fireworks
WDV 150 E-Commerce
BUS 112 Business Math

Should be an easy 1st semester.  I have the same professor for WDV101 and WDV 131, I hope I like her.  SDV 108 is the stupid 1 credit class they make you take to show you what college life is supposed to be.  BUS 112 is math for morons, where I belong scoring a whopping 25 on the assessment test.  And I am looking forward to MKT 121 and WDV 150 equally, cuz they both interest me.  So I am happy with semester 1.  Gotta pull a 3.5 GPA Average this semester so I can get into the Honors program in the Spring.  Oh, that is 16 credit hours by the way.  13 of those are fully in class, a 3 are web blended.

Tomorrow I resume my hunt for a psychiatrist who isn’t a coward and will let me keep taking my Nimodipine.  If worse comes to worse, I call Cheryl up, get an appointment for therapy, and then get to Dr. Fialkov.  I just don’t want to do therapy anymore, it’s 30 dollars a session that I don’t think I need to spend.  I’ve found 2 shrinks in Des Moines who will write Nimodipine prescriptions.  I think I burned the bridge on the first one, but the second one is still waiting for me to call.  There has to be a 3rd one on my insurance that will give me what I need.  Eventually Dr. Alkhateeb is going to want to stop writing the prescriptions for mental meds.  Maybe, I will get a shrink up at Mayo, heaven knows I will be going up there enough.  Maybe I will ask Dr. Alkhateeb about that.  Mayo supposedly has an excellent psychiatric department.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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