One week till the Stem Cell Infusion BAH

I was expecting a reply from Jennifer (the endocrinologist at Mayo) about my fatigue issue, but I haven’t heard a peep from her.  I am guessing she isn’t going to say anything until after my cortisol level is checked on Monday.  I just wish she would respond that she got the message and is now aware of the problem.  And problem it is, I have zero energy to do much of anything and it’s getting worse.  I am a big fan of napping, but somedays I take multiple naps during the day.  That’s just not right.  I want to be normal, sleep all night and up all day, simple concept that I can’t seem to right now.

I did sleep for 10:45pm to 6am.  Not quite 8 hours.  I wake up for Teresa’s 6am alarm and am not able to fall immediately back to sleep, so I catch up on Facebook and Twitter and then write this blog.  By the time I am done its normally 7 something and I go have Froot Loops for breakfast.  Yes, I still eat Froot Loops and Apples Jacks, I know they are really bad for me, I know they give me funny colored pooper, but I know I like them and will continue starting my day with a bowl of kid’s cereal no matter what the nutritionist at Mayo says.

The scale said 206.0 this morning.  I’m happy with that.

The rest of my drawing stuff (except the soft eraser) should be here today.  Can’t start learning to draw until I get the soft eraser on Tuesday, so much for Prime and 2 day shipping.  Heck, I even have a business account and they still didn’t ship it right.  Ah well, Tuesday will come and I will have my soft eraser and everything else the book said to get except the stupid light box that I am not going to bother with.

Danny is going to do his push to get a 5th player for his campaign today, or so he said.  I am torn as to which character to play.  I was gonna play a Vengence Paladin, but I am seriously leaning towards my Swashbuckler Rogue.  I don’t know crap about playing a Paladin, but I totally understand playing a Rogue.  And this Rogue has a special trick up his sleeve, he has warlock magic.  Lightning Lure and Eldritch Blast are his cantrips, and Hex is his first level spell.  “Hello enemy, you are far away, I Blast you for damage, I Lure you for damage, then I Hex you to give you more damage when I hit you, have a nice day.”  Yeah, I really like the rogue.

I am exactly 1 week from getting my first stem cell infusion.  I still don’t want it.  Teresa is still insistent that I get it.  I feel great (except the lethargy/fatigue), I don’t want to screw that up.  And that is exactly what these stem cells are gonna do.  Make me miserable for a while.  And Doctor Alkhateeb can’t guarantee that they are actually going to do anything positive… HE THINKS they might prolong my life but again he doesn’t know how long.  At this point, I feel he is guessing and doing more of his “Art” and hoping it doesn’t kill me.  But I feel so good most of the time.  My numbers are great.  I feel we shouldn’t dink.   But I am outvoted.

I applied to school too early.  I have to wait for everything now.  If I had waited one month, everything would have went bang, bang, bang.  And I would be set for fall.  But I applied when I did, so I wait.  They never did send me the letter with my username and student ID number.  DOH.  Got those from tech support, the guy was very helpful.   So I can sign into the system now, which doesn’t get me much yet.  But it’s a start.  Something I didn’t have to wait for.

I still feel good about this idea of trying school one more time.  Today I am going to try to shorten the 5 years and 1 semester by removing the Management AAS. It’ll take some jockeying around of other classes (the video production and editing classes specifically) but I think I can cut it down to around 4 years which doesn’t sound as daunting.  Yeah, if I went to a University, 4 years would give me a bachelors.  At community college it gives you a handful of Associate of Applied Science, Diplomas, and Certificates.

All that and they are going to teach me how to develop a website, use my camera, and market my business.  Plus do video editing and production.   Not bad if you ask me.  In case you can’t tell, I am excited about the possibilities.  Plus, I think I am gonna learn American Sign Language via the ASL club.  Always wanted to learn sign language, why not do it for free at DMACC.

DMACC offers so much.  I just think I might be too busy with classes to experience it all.  That is why I decided to not try to get into Honors.  That’s just more work in the classes.  I don’t need more work my classes.  I need to do the work that is assigned and do it well.  Yup, and if I have spare time, then more power to me.  I’ll be able to explore the possibilities at DMACC.  And hang out with kids whose parents are younger than me.  Always fun.

No anxiety today about school, lots of anxiety about next week.

Aravas happens Tuesday night.  FINALLY we find out what the sleazy gnome wants.  FINALLY we move on in the story.  It’s only been 3 weeks but it seems like forever. Lady and gents get your dice ready, we got some combat to do.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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