Mother Nature is against the stem cell infusions

I definitely am going to have to start going to bed sooner if I really want 8 hours of sleep.  I am waking up with Teresa at 6 now and trying to go to bed at 10, which would mean exactly 8 hours, but stuff happens and I don’t normally make it to “bed” at 10 and then it’s 10:30 or 11 o’clock.  Then I don’t get my 8 hours and I end up napping too much.  Is there such a thing as napping too much?  Anyhow, 10 is reasonable for an adult to go to bed at, is 9:30?  If I am going to wake at 6, guaranteed, trying to go to bed at 9:30 might be the viable solution.  But I don’t want to go to bed at 9:30.  BAH, I want to go to bed at 10.  I’ll figure out how to fall back asleep after Teresa gets up.  Yeah, go back to that.  Then I could sleep till 7 when alexa tells me to take my early morning meds.  Anyhow, no I didn’t get 8 hours last night, and I am cranky tired but not sleepy at the moment.

Afraid to step on the scale this morning.  I know it’s going to say at least 208 if not more.  Hang on a sec, I’ll go see what it says.  I was close, 207.6 again.  I think my days around 205 might be gone.  I do not have the energy to exercise and I like to eat.  That combination is a lethal combination for weight gain.  Plus I have the abilify 20.  I think I am doomed to end up chubby.  Oh well, at least I don’t have high cholesterol or diabetes, they check for those things regularly for me.  Being big doesn’t bother me too much actually, I just wanted to stay around 205 because it felt good.  But I will like me whatever I end up weighing.

My mother-in-law’s plane got delayed yesterday, so she isn’t coming until tonight.

The weather people are saying winter storms for Wednesday night, Thursday, and Friday.  Especially in Minnesota right across the border.  This trip to Mayo is going to be a mess.  I am hoping Teresa changes her mind about trying to drive up Thursday and we go Wednesday instead.  At least get up there before the big storm.   Can’t believe this big of a storm is hitting in April, yes I can, I’ve seen it happen before.  But its not supposed to happen when I need to get to Mayo.  Sucks I tell you, just plain sucks.

I think I decided on a character for Danny’s campaign.  A Goblin Battlemaster Archer, that’s a Fighter type in case you couldn’t guess.  I made Cracked (that’s his name) yesterday evening and just loved everything about him.  So, I am 80% sure that is the character I will play in Danny’s campaign if he ever sends me an invite.  We got 19 days until we are supposed to start, need time to put the characters into roll20.  It’s all good though, if worse comes to worse, I can import my character in from Dndbeyond, I watched a video on how to do it.  It’s not easy, but I think I can pull it off.

My campaign (just have the 1 now) Aravas, happens tonight.  The stuff I had planned 3 weeks ago will finally happen.  The players are excited, I am excited.  I hope no one dies tonight, but it could happen.

I still can’t believe that I signed up for Composition I my first semester.   That’s just plain insanity on my part.  I HATE English, and I don’t know the MLA format (at least I know what it’s called).  Hopefully the professor will teach us the proper format or I am going to bomb the class (not literally, just fail).  The rest of the classes are all web development related, so they should be fun.  I may end up changing that English Composition class once I can take the math assessment test again.  I wanted my first semester to be easy and I went and tackled the proverbial bear.  Crazy, but that’s how it goes.

I really do need to get up to college and get a new ID and get set up to be able to receive my financial aid.  They are kind of tied together in a weird way.  Anyhow, it’s gonna wait till after I have my stem cell infusions.  So earliest I can go would be June if I don’t have real bad GvHD.  July more realistically.

The anxiety I felt yesterday with actually Registering is still here.  I got the registration confirmation email today.  Yeah, 100+ days out and I feeling anxious.  BAH, I hate having Bipolar and Anxiety issues.  I’ll be fine, after this initial registration stuff, everything should calm down.  And the anxiety will dissipate and all will be well in the world. HA.

3 days till my first stem cell infusion.  That is if we can get up there with the winter storms a brewing.  I am totally freaking out in a really mellow way.  I’m not going to rant about it again today.  It’s going to happen and that’s that.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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