School starts in one month and one week

I slept very little last night, falling asleep sometime after 3am and waking up at 6:27am.  Should’ve popped a Temazepam like I planned on, just forgot last night before I went to bed.  So today will consist of several naps and a lot of grumpiness.  Oh joy.  See my problem stems from a late unintentional nap yesterday evening, from 6pm to 8pm and that totally screwed up sleeping last night.  All of todays napping I plan to keep before 3pm as to not mess up sleep tonight, I got things to do tomorrow.

Facebook appears to be down this morning.  I sure can’t get to it.  In all my years of using Facebook, I think I have only seen it down three times (including this time).  It’s weird, it’s uncomfortable, and it’s unnatural.  Break in my morning routine, I get up, I surf twitter, I surf Facebook, the I write my blog.  The middle step was missing today.  Well, hopefully it’ll be up by the time I finish this blog so I can post it.  Facebook works on their app, do it’s just the PC version that is messed up and not working.  —  Facebook came up as I posted the video.

I’m not checking my weight again today.  I just can’t bring myself to go see that I am over 210 now.  I can feel it.

I screwed my right knee up, I don’t know when or how, but bending it or putting pressure on it while bent hurts like mad.  Luckily I can walk on it and it doesn’t hurt more.  But climbing into bed causes pain. My knee is a little swollen too.  Things are going so well for me, something is bound to hurt.

Danny still hasn’t gotten the invites out and we are officially 2 weeks from start date of his campaign.  He says it’s almost done.  So I don’t know what the problem is.  I just want the invite so I will be forced to pick a character.  I have made so many characters all of which I would love to play.  We’ll see if Danny gets invites out today.

My mom told my brother that I am coming to his party, stealing my surprise.  It’s all good.  Plans have somewhat changed though, I will be driving in on Friday and back on Sunday (reason to follow).  A lot of driving in a short period of time.  Gonna kill my back.  But I want to go to the party.  And there is nothing stopping me from going as of now.

I have decided that I am going to try to go to school this summer.  When I go up to the school tomorrow, I will talk to financial aid and see if they can still do financial aid for me this summer, and  I will talk to admissions and see if the can bump up my admission date by 1 semester.  Financial Aid might be a problem, but Admissions won’t.  If I can’t get financial aid, I just won’t start till Fall.  Simple as that.

Going to school this summer makes a lot of changes.  Aravas, my D&D campaign will be put on 12 week hiatus, I told the guys they shouldn’t wait for me, to find another Tuesday night game.  Instead of spending a week at my mom’s for my brother’s party, I am only spending effectively a day.  And we have to get baby shots moved up at least a week from when they were scheduled.  Beyond those 3 things, I think it’s all good.

My schedule for summer will be English 105 Composition I and BUS 112 Business Math.  Knock those two out right away.  Unfortunately, being summer, its 8am or 5pm classes, and I chose the 5pm classes cuz there is no way I am going to class at 8am, especially not in the summer.  The English Comp class is only a 5 week class and the Business Math class is only a 10 week class.  So that is good.  Oh, the English Comp class is web blended, so part of it is on the computer, actually its a all on computer class, just some of it will be at home on computer.

I still have to take and get at least 14% on the ALEKS math placement test on the 18th or 19th of April.  Then I will be able to register for math this summer.  They don’t care about the English placement tests, mine are from 2013 and I got a 46 on writing and a 89 on reading.  They had screwy writing things, put these 4 sentences in the right order.  Really messed me up.  So, my writing is fine, I’m not worried about it.

So instead of August 21st as my start day.  I am looking at May 21st as my start day.  But I end by mid July instead of August 1st which would have screwed up my plans for GenCon.  So that is good too.

With taking English 105 out of my Fall schedule, it gives me 13 credit hours instead of 16 in the Fall, all good there, just have to have 12 for full time for financial aid.

I’m anxiously excited about school.  More so than I have ever been.   I feel this is the time I can do it.  I know from past attempts that Summer is not a good choice to start with but since my classes are stunted I shouldn’t have the same issues that I had before.  I should be good to go.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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