Will I ever sleep normal again

Up at 6:30 even with a Restoril last night.  Hmmm.  At least  I did get 8 hours of sleep, and I don’t feel too groggy.  I just wish my sleep would go back to what it was a couple months ago, no meds, no problems.  Just go to bed, go to sleep, wake up 8-10 hours later.  Those were the nights.  I used to sleep like a baby, lately, as you know, I am sleeping like a cranky baby.

My knee still hurts.  Resting pain is up to a 3 and accidently kneel on is a definite 7.  I really should haul myself to the doctor, but it’s Chris’ day off and I don’t want to see any other provider there.  Not that I don’t like them, I just like Chris better.  So, I wait another day and see how bad my knee is.  If it still hurts like this tomorrow, I will go see Chris and get an X-ray.

Lunch with Drew was really nice.  We went to Hildago the relatively new Mexican Restaurant in Urbandale.  Good food, good company, cursed spot.  While I was with the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce, I went to two grand openings in the same building.  DOH.  Well, here is hoping that Hildago bucks the trend and stays in business cuz they have some good fajitas.

Danny’s game is starting on the 21st instead of the 28th.  He has 5 players including me.  I know we have a Bard, a Paladin, and a Cleric.  And we are gonna have Cracked.  Yep, I decided on the Goblin Battle Master Archer.  Just seemed to fit with the group better.  Not because he is a Goblin, but because he is an archer.  Should be good.

I am thinking of not running Aravas tonight.  I feel pretty rotten actually.  Like I overdid it yesterday and today I am paying for it.  Last night I was coughing up a storm.  Today I just feel blah.  Maybe I will give it a few hours a decide.  Don’t want to leave the guys hanging, really I don’t.

I did make it up to DMACC yesterday and got everything taken care of except the parking pass issue.  The lady who knows how to remove the old pass from the system was off.  Seems they have one lady who knows what she is doing and the rest just know how to push buttons.   Anyhow, I have till fall semester to get that straightened out cuz my summer classes are in the evening and they don’t require parking passes for evening classes.

I talked to Financial Aid first and she told me I could get $5,575 dollars of financial aid for Summer.  I laughed and asked her if she was serious, she said yes.  So then I went over to admission to get my start date changed from Fall to Summer.  No problem there.  So, now I am set to start in the Summer and my financial aid is all set.

But when I went to register, it said I had to do orientation again.  BAH, I am gonna get thru DMACC without ever doing an orientation again.  The nice lady is admissions punched in the waiver saying I didn’t have to do orientation (she failed at doing just that).  So when I got home to register for Summer classes it wouldn’t let me.  So I get on the phone with Registration to see what’s up.  She says I have to do orientation, but I am already registered for Fall.  So she calls Admissions and they get it straightened out and the nice lady in Registration registers me for 2 of my 3 classes.  3rd one, Business Math, I have to take the ALEKS on Thursday or Friday to register for it.

I also got my picture taken for me ID.  At first she couldn’t find the right Jeffrey Campbell.  Seems there is more than one of me there, so I had to call Teresa to get my 900 number (student number) off my old ID.  Got that and we were set to go.  She asked if I wanted to keep my old picture or take a new one.  Old on, sloppy longer hair, new one short hair and beard.  I chose take a new one.  ID should be here in 2 weeks or so.

My first semester at college is gonna be tough.  Composition I in 5 weeks,  Business Math is 8 weeks, and Introduction to Philosophy in 10 weeks.  I chose the quick Composition I cuz I didn’t want to spend a full semester writing papers.  This way she can only make us write so much, I hope.  Business Math should be easy.  And I have no clue what to expect in Intro to Philosophy.  Oh well, into the breach I will go.  If I can do this semester, I can do the rest.

Anxiety is kind of high with school starting in exactly 5 weeks.  I can do this though.  1 step at a time.  I will not freak out from the syllabi, I will not freak out over the online class.  I got this.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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