29 days till school and I feel rotten

I’m going to see Chris tomorrow (he is off on Tuesdays or it would be today).  I am pretty sure I have pneumonia.  Definitely some kind of lung infection.  Coughing up nasty crap and I sound horrible.  I haven’t had any lung issues since the transplant pneumonias, so this one kind of caught me off guard.  I feel like someone is sitting on my chest.  It’s actually work to just breathe.  Teresa has even said it’s time for me to go see Chris.  So today I will call and make an appointment for tomorrow for the lungs and the knee; which is still bothering me a lot.

ok, I can handle weather in the mid to high 60s.  It’s just at night it gets down into the 40s where I have issues.  I am ready for the big warm up.  I thought it was starting on Easter, but that was just a tease.  The 80 degree warm up is coming and it’s coming soon I tell you.  Then we can all start complaining about how hot it is and how much we miss these 60+ degree days.  And the crazy people who will say when it gets over 100 here… I miss winter.  No one should miss the winter we just had.

I made it through yesterday with only taking a half hour nap.  Yep, I am working on being able to be awake all day like a real person.  Not worries about my summer classes as they are in the evening, but my fall classes are scheduled during traditional nap time, this might be rough.  Anyhow, I went to bed at 11:11 and woke up at 6:10am today, so 7 hours.  I think I can make it on 7 hours.  6am is just so fricking early.  But getting up that early gives me time to catch up on Facebook and Twitter and write my blog entry before the sun is fully up.  That’s ok.

Orc #3 is doing pretty good is Skyrim.  Except I can’t keep a war dog alive or he keeps running off one or the other.  500gold… poof.  Oh well, maybe I am not meant to have a war dog.  Anyhow, my orc is level 21 (not bad since I started him yesterday at 7am).  He wields a Warhammer, knows how to shoot a bow.  Kept Lydia alive.  Bummed about the war dog though.  I don’t think I killed him, but he disappeared.  The point though is I am having fun and that is what I think is important.

Lunch and dinner yesterday were leftovers from Easter, and I think today might be more of the same.  We got so much ham, so very much ham.  I think I might have ate the last of the au gratin (Alexa calls them August Rotten) potatoes.  Still have plenty of homemade potato rolls, and Teresa said she will make me some broccoli if I want it.  (I feel I should be able to cool broccoli, but the skill eludes me).  And we have the chocolate cake.  Teresa makes the BEST chocolate cake.   I can make yet another good meal out of leftovers again.

After all the reminders and posts to remind me, I forgot to call DMACC yesterday.  I got into my game and just totally spaced it.  I really need to call them.  I will do that today (I hope).  I will check the ALEKS site before I call to just see if the expired has been removed and I can take the test, but I’m not holding my breath for that.  It’s going to take me calling up to the college to get this fixed.  Blah.

Anxiety doesn’t seem as bad today.  I have health issues to worry about.  A different kind of anxiety.  But school anxiety is mellowing I think.  I know that yesterday I was all about how bad the anxiety is, but today I am much more chill about the whole situation.  I do not know what has happened as nothing has changed.   Still got all the anxiety triggers going on, but it’s not causing as much anxiety today.  I will call this a good anxiety day and move on with my life.

May 10th is when I go back to Mayo.  Have to get rid of this lung issue before I go back up there.  Don’t want to wear a mask, don’t want to spread my germs to anyone else.  But I will wear my mask if I am still coughing.  I am very conscientious about other people getting my germs.  I didn’t like other people coughing without a mask on when I was really sick, so I won’t do it.  But a Zpack should fix me right up.  And then I should be good to be around transplant patients without fear of giving them a lung infection or some such.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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