I scored high enough on the ALEKS test

I finally did it.  I took the ALEKS test with minimal cheating cuz I couldn’t figure out who word the problems to Alexa.  Anyhow, I got a 23 this time, down from the 25 I got last time but better than the 14 I had to get to get into my Business Math class.  30+ years of no math beat me up pretty good, but I did it, I passed with enough points. WOOT WOOT.  Today, when I wake up a little more, I will register for the class.  I am actually looking forward to this class.  It’s only 8 weeks long and it should be fairly easy.  The list of what  is to be covered does not seem very challenging.  So, anyhow, score one for the good guy, I get to take my class.

Bed at 11pm up at 5:50am, don’t have dogs to blame today.  No Teresa work alarm to disturb them, so I just woke up.  Grrr,  I hate this.  I wish I could sleep when I have the opportunity to sleep in, but no, wide awake at some ungodly time.  I didn’t meant to stay up till 11pm either, that just sort of happened.  So, it’ll be another day of naps and hopefully a better sleep tomorrow night.

My knee is feeling pretty good right now, the Prednisone is really doing it’s job.  It’s day three on Prednisone and I can bend the knee without pain.  Kneeling on it to get something from a bottom drawer till hurts.  And Pucky and/or Mojo laying on my legs still cause some pain, but overall it feels a lot better.

Coughwise, the Prednisone and the Zpack seem to be doing much of nothing.  I cough in the mornings and I cough in the evenings.  I will say that the nasty wet sounding cough has went away to be replaced with a pure dry cough, so I guess that is progress of some sort.  I just want the cough to go away.

Well, didn’t win Publisher’s Clearing House again.  I’ve been doing this for 15ish years and haven’t won squat.  I probably should give up, but I enjoy my time doing the entries and you never know year 16 might be me lucky year.  Nah, but I will continue to enter daily viz computer.   It just takes a little time out of my otherwise boring day.   What more can a guy ask for than a little free entertainment every day.   And the occasional CD that I never knew I wanted.  LOL.

Skyrim:  I spent most of yesterday playing a wood elf archer.  But I am sure not content with playing an archer.   Wood elf was fine, the changes they made for how other elves talk to you were cute.  It’s just the one trick pony of an archer really doesn’t thrill me, like the one trick pony of an orc.  Same difference, either I am shooting arrows all the time or I am clobbering them with a Warhammer.  Neither seems to satisfy my desire to do a variety of damage.  So, I went back to the Khajitt.  Khajitt start with a bonus in both one handed weapons (dual wield) and archery, but most of all sneak.  And if I can get the sneak skill high enough I can sneak up and do more damage with both of those types of attacks.  Yeah, buddy.  I think Khajitt is my race of choice.  But I am not 100% positive of that either.  LOL.  I am such a gaming flake.

I was wrong yesterday, Teresa is making the Chinese Pork Loin for dinner tonight.  Last night we had Casey’s Pizza.   The leftovers will make a good breakfast and lunch for me.  But tonight is supposed to be miserable weatherwise so I do believe it’s Pork Loin time.  She even is making it red (doesn’t have to be red) to make it traditional Chinese restaurant color.  It’s all in the details.  I know I have said this before, but Teresa is not only a wonderful wife, but she is a wonderful cook, and I am the luckiest man alive to have found someone who fits both slots.

OK, I had a few days where school anxiety wasn’t bothering me (much).  But having passed the stupid ALEKS test has put school deep into my head again.  Yep, I have a lot of anxiety about going to school again.  But what the Hell, you only live once.   You got to try.  What is the worst that can happen?  I go and I have to drop out again.  It’s not like I haven’t done that many times before, and I would be no worse off.  But I feel good about it.  Really feel good about it.  Anxious as all Hell, but good about it.  English Comp has me scared to death.   Business Math has me falling asleep.  And I don’t have a clue about how Philosophy is going to be.  Philosophy is my online class, and last time I tried to do online classes I had a panic attack.  I am hoping that I can do this.

School starts in 24 days.

13 days till Mayo.  13 days till my next Bone Marrow Biopsy.  13 days till I start my baby shots.  Turns out baby vaccinations are a long process.  For some reason I figured it was a quick, 1 or 2 month thing, but No, it’s like a year long thing.  just like they do for a baby.  So we will be making a lot of trips up to Mayo over the next year or so.  If for nothing else, baby shots.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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