Just a guy trying to get by

Yesterday only turned into a one nap day.  A 2 hour nap at 9:30amish.  Then I stayed up and awake till a little after midnight (got to stop doing that) and woke up at 7.  Sleep is being elusive still, I blame it on anxiety.  Before deciding to start school this summer, I slept like the proverbial baby, now I sleep when I can.  I can do that now, but come fall semester I have to be awake during prime nap time, and that is going to be rough if I somehow don’t fix my sleeping problems.  It’ll probably come down to Restoril for a few nights to set a pattern and then trying it without the Restoril.  That has worked for me before. 7ish hours of sleep should be enough though, going to try to make it through the day without a nap.

I got to call Chris and let him know my cough didn’t get better from the Zpack and Prednisone.   I am now officially back on the nebulizer.  That seems to be helping, 1 in the morning and 1 before bed.  Probably going to do 1 in the morning and then one around 9 o’clock instead.  The cough went back to sounding worse and it’s really painful to cough so much.   It could be allergies, it could be a virus, it could be a lot of things, but we can pretty much rule out standard infection………..it’s not pneumonia after all.  Unless it’s a viral pneumonia, those suck.  But I will call Chris later today and let him know.

I still can’t put any pressure on my knee without pain.  It’s better mind you, doesn’t hurt all the time.  But crawling back into bed last night I led with the wrong knee and woo, dimensions of pain.  So that was not fixed either.  Chris is an excellent PA.   I am just a unique case.  Going to give him another shot to fix my cough and my knee.  We’ll see what he can think of for round 2.

Teresa made corned beef and cabbage last night.  I had Mexican Pizza.  LOL.  The whole Mexican Pizza, got to love Prednisone.  Anyhow, I can’t stand the taste of corned beef.  Don’t even like the smell.  I am sure it was phenomenal for Teresa and Shirley (my mother-in-law).  But for me, I am glad I had the Mexican Pizza left to eat.  20 minutes after I decided to have it I was eating.  It took Teresa 3 days to cook the corned beef.  She cooked it in the sous vide and she say everything cooked in that turns out perfect, and so far she has been right.

Skyrim:  I screwed up my Khajitt and decided to start over with a new Khajitt archer.  I decided to make her a member of the Dark Brotherhood (the assassin’s guild) right off the bat.  Kind of rough financially and you can’t go to some cities after you get done killing your targets, but it’s all good.   Time and money heal all wounds.  Having lots of fun.  Going to play my orc some today too.  I like her even if she is kind of gimped not using a bow.   I could always get her trained in the bow, but that just doesn’t seem right for an orc.   I don’t know what I am going to do with her.  May end up starting her over too.  I got an idea that I needed to start right away.  But for right now I am having a lot of fun replaying Skyrim, it’s a good diversion from my stressors and fills in well for my D&D habit that is on hold.

Today I call Financial Aid to make sure everything is set for summer session.  All the account bills I am getting are making me leery.  On the Financial Aid website, everything looks right.  But just hearing the words from one the Financial Aid people will make me feel a lot better.  And if summer is right, then fall will be right.  Simple as that.

I still haven’t received my new ID in the mail.  I am not sure if it has been 2 weeks, but I can’t buy my books until I get that card.  And 22 days from now classes start.  So, hopefully it will come soon, so I am not rushed to get books on the May 21st.  Oh, the ID is a debit card too where they put your Financial Aid money on it, thus the reason I have to wait to buy books.

I have decided that I have good keyboarding skills.  I touch type for the most part.   And that is what is required for my English class.  It said keyboarding skills are required for this session.  Well, thank you mom for making me take that college prep typing course in high school, and thank you IBM for selling us computers to keep me typing for the past 30+ years.   I type real good on a computer but if the teacher makes us use a typewriter, I am screwed.

I am very anxious about this.  Like stomach in knots anxious.  Like not sleeping at night anxious.  I do not know what to do about it.  I would talk to my shrink if they ever call me.  I hope they call before school starts, would suck if they didn’t.  But anyhow, right now I am fighting that anxiety with 2mg on clonazepam a night.  I can’t take it during the day cause it makes me sleepy.   So I am taking the best proactive tact to dealing with it.  It’s not helping much, but I am doing something.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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