16 hour days suck

Just got back from Mayo a little bit ago.  The road we live on is being replaced, couldn’t get to our house by car.  Probably still can’t and it is past 7pm.  But the part of the road they have done looks great.  The only thing is they said it would be done by the time people come home from work, well, that’s not the case.   Kind of a pain in the butt to have to park 3 blocks away and walk back to the house.  However, I think they are almost done with the road and then we will go get the car and park it in the garage where it belongs.

Mayo visit was… interesting and painful.  We got up at 3am to get there around 7:30am.  The blood draw place was virtually empty, took about 10 minutes before my name was called and 3 minutes to walk back and have blood drawn.

Then at 8:05am I was called in to the immunization place.  Got 6 shots total, 3 in each arm.  I have to go back every two months for the next 8 months, in order to get them all.  Still won’t get MMR though because it’s a live immunization and it could kill me.  Getting the info and getting the shots took an hour.

By 9:30am I was at the bone marrow biopsy place, waiting for my turn so to speak.   The nurse who put in the IV used my last good vein, and still couldn’t get it right.  So, she called in another nurse who jiggled it a little and got a great drip rate on the IV.   Then I was rolled into the procedure room and woke up 25 minutes later with a new hole in my hip.

11am We met with Gabe the Pharmacist.  Gabe happens to be our favorite pharmacist.  He jokes and laughs with us.   That took a half hour.

11:30am to 1pm, we had to ourselves.  We watched some HGTV and then walked down to the Popcorn store so I could get some Cotton Candy.  Then went back up to watch some more HGTV.

1pm we met Jody, a new nurse.  She was nice but will never replace Teresa (the nurse) as our favorite nurse.   Jody asked all the pertinent questions and promised to relay all the info to Dr. Alkhateeb.  Which is what she was supposed to do.

1:36pm Dr. Alkhateeb came in, we talked about my cough and how I DO NOT NEED antibiotics.  So, I am gonna stop taking the Doxy.  Dr. Alkhateeb wants me to ask for a referral to a local Lung Specialist, so I will call Chris for that on Monday.  —-  Also I have to go to the dentist, but I forgot to ask Dr. Alkhateeb if I needed to do anything special before going to have my teeth worked on.  Might need to take some antibiotic (go figure) before getting the work done.

Then by 2:15pm we were having lunch at Carlos O’Kelly’s.  I have a Fajita steak burrito, and Teresa had a Chimichanga.   We were both very happy with our meals.   Rochester is one of the only places with a Carlos O’Kelly’s left.  There used to be 2 of them in greater Des Moines area years ago.   They have excellent Mexican food.

By 3:15pm we were on the road home.  Got home at 6:45pm, to the sound and smell of new road being laid.  But I already complained about that.

16 hour days are brutal.  And I get to do that probably for the next 8 months at least.

Skyrim:  I am really digging my newest Khajitt.  She is level 36 now I think.    Still haven’t done the Companions or the Dawnguard or the Thieve’s Guild.  But I have done most of Solsteim, and I got most of the Shouts.  She just kicks butt.  And Marcurio is the best follower.  He kicks butt too.   Between them, even the big bads go down quickly.  I am having a blast.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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