It is National Cancer Survivors Day and a lot of other stuff

I still can’t sleep past 6am on any day.  Most days (today included) I am up before then.  Today the magic time was 5:30am, but I didn’t give up trying to go back to sleep until 6am.  6am is the time that Teresa gets up during the week to be at work by 7am.   It has become ingrained into my mind that I must be up by 6 to see her before she goes to work.  Silly, I know.  I should be able to sleep in, especially on weekends.  But no, there I was, wide awake this morning thinking how horrible 5:30 feels when you don’t go to bed till almost 1am.  The kicker is, my Alexa alarm goes off at 7am, 7 days a week to tell me to take my morning meds.  So even if I “slept in”, I would still be up at 7am.  Yeah, bug sleep in.

At least I get to take naps pretty much whenever I want them.

Hey, it’s national cancer survivors day.  I am that twice over.  But I send out a big Woo Hoo to all cancer survivors, no matter what cancer they had.  Cancer sucks, and anyone who beats it and becomes a survivor is one hell of a fighter.  So, rock on cancer survivors, I tip my bottle (of Gatorade) to you.

I am in a great mood again.  Was just a month long depression.   Seemed longer, but actually not quite a full month.  I thank everyone who sent good thoughts, prayers, and advice.  But now, I am out of said funk, and back to the happy Hectic.  I hate being depressed.  I hate mania more, but depressed just gets you down and holds you there.

I only cough now early morning and after I eat.  The rest of the time you wouldn’t know I had a cough.  Almost definite that it is Reflux and Prilosec is doing the JOB.  I will probably be on Prilosec for the rest of my life, yay rah.  At least it is just one pill and it’s pretty cheap considering.  So, while trying to eliminate pills from my life (will never happen, but get them to the lowest number possible is the goal), I am adding one.

TMI part here… but I am going to share it anyway.  Lately I have been getting constipated often.  Thank the gods for Ex-Lax.  I swell up, my weight goes up.  I pop 2 pills and by the next day I am back down to 205-206.   Yeah, I’ve been doing this yo-yo weight thing with a 5 pound swing for a couple months, at least it’s not GvHD related. It’s just part of getting old and eating the too much of the wrong things.   TMI over…………..

I’m going to hold off on getting back into Dungeons and Dragons for a little while longer.  I am enjoying spending most of my time playing Skyrim and being with Teresa.  I will get into it again sometime relatively soon, I’m sure.  Just have to find the right game to play in.  And that is sometimes really difficult.  I am very picky about DM and house rules, and I will walk away from a game (usually before it starts) if I don’t like a house rule.  And the DM thing becomes apparent in the first couple sessions.   So, when I am ready to start again, I will check with my known DMs and see if anyone has a spot for me somewhere.  I don’t think I will want to DM again for a while.

Skyrim:  I am having problems deciding what I want to continue to play and where I want them to go and what I want them to do in what order.  I found out the hard way that you need to do Dragonborn before getting very far into the deeper Dawnguard quests.  My character at the time I found this was NOT prepared to go to Solsteim, was happily going along killing vampires and doing dungeons and caves and such on the main lands, then both quest lines said Go to Solsteim (Dragonborn).  And I went “crap” and started deleting that character’s saves.

I am not happy with my current character.  BLAH.  She is almost ready to go to Solsteim at level 24, will more than likely wait till 27 to 30 before I do go.  Maybe I am just being too picky about my characters as there is nothing wrong with her.  She’ll be able to kick Miraak’s buttocks all over the place.  So, it should be nothing to do everything in Solsteim and then go back and do the Dawnguard stuff and meet the big bad vampire lord at level 45-50.  Tough fight.  I could do that fight a lot sooner if I didn’t want to do all the cool quests that go with it.  Oh well.  We’ll see if I keep playing this one or go back to playing an Orc who can’t shoot a bow.

Woooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I got them to cancel the pulmonary function test and pulmonologist AND psychiatrist appointments on Friday.   Now we don’t have to be there till 11am (instead of 7:30am).  And we are done by like 3 o’clock.  Yeah, that is what I wanted. A 4 hour at Mayo day, instead of an 8 hour Mayo day.  A 12 hour day instead of a 16 hour day.

Speaking of doctorly things.  There is a shrink in Dallas Center (which is less than 6 miles away) who is accepting patients.  I put a call in last Friday to get an appointment but they never called back.  I will try to call them again tomorrow.  Teresa has agreed to go with me for the first visit, when I have to sell the shrink on Nimodipine for mood stabilization in Bipolar.  Tough sell to most every shrink I have dealt with.  But Teresa and I are very persuasive.  Hopefully this lady shrink (first woman shrink I will have ever been to) just agrees to keep me on my cocktail that took 20 years to figure out.  I stay mostly stable or hypomanic most of the time, and I don’t cycle very often with Nimodipine.  So, if she doesn’t want to prescribe it, I can always go back to Dr. Fialkov thru the therapy place, I just don’t want to have to have therapy again.  That is why I am trying to switch in the first place.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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