do not believe them when they say 8 am

Ah, the cable was fixed as of about 4:30pm on Monday.   Was a long weekend without cable or fast internet.  The people on the phone on Friday said the tech would be here at 8am Monday, so I waited and waited till 10am and then asked Teresa to find out what was up.  She reported back that it was any time from 8am to 8pm and no one needed to be here for it.  DOH.  Well, I was here for it at 8am, 9am, then went to sleep at 10am and slept till 11:30, then noon, 1pm, 2pm, about 3pm the tech finally showed up.  He wanted to run a new cable from the pole to the house, but he broke his drill thing trying to run under the sidewalk.  So instead, he just dug up where it was cut and put in a splice, which is what we wanted in the first place, but hey, he is the (COUGH COUGH) expert.  Anyhow, about an hour and a half after he arrived we had cable and internet again.  Now we have to find out if Mediacom is going to charge us for it, not a big deal if they do.

I woke up today at a quarter to six, the latest I have slept in 3 weeks.  Then went back to bed at 7 and slept till 8:30am.  I feel good with having gotten sleep early as opposed to taking a nap in the late afternoon.  Also I went to bed last night without taking a Restoril.  So, I don’t need Restoril right now, without it I slept longer.  That is good.

Flight to Chicago is at 6:33am.  I have to be at the airport around 5 to get through screening and all that jazz.  Does silver set off metal detectors?  I don’t think so, gold doesn’t so I don’t think silver would.  I always set them off any way.  So I am used to the pat down/wand treatment.   Heh, that early in the morning, they might just let me through.  Oh to get there by 5 I have to leave here at 4, which means I have to wake up around 3:30 so I can shower and lotion before leaving.   It’s going to be an EARLY morning, one other time I chose this time to fly and swore I would never do that again.  Silly me, here I am again.   Anyhow, it’s one day.  Should arrive in Chicago about 7::40 and catch the 8:05 bus to Portage.  Should just make it.  If not I will have to figure out what to do for an hour at O’Hare airport.

Jim’s summer party is on.  My mom got ahold of the BBQ place and placed the order.  So it should be (mind you, SHOULD BE) all set.  Mom said the people she talked to weren’t rocket scientists and had all sorts of problems taking the order.  But eventually she got the manager, placed the order, and made the payment (whether they got the payment or not is another question).  Anyhow, BBQ is (hopefully) being delivered at 4:30pm for 5pm start of consumption.

My brother’s party goes from 5pm to 1am or when the last person leaves.  It was supposed to storm but now has a 60% chance of no rain.  So we shall see.  If anyone needs the address for the party, just message me on Facebook and I will forward you the address and tell you to park at the school and walk across the street.

I am so very much looking forward to this party.  Several of my friends have committed to making it, and that is cool.  I will be inside until the sun is very down and even them just when I want food.  I can’t be in the sun (period), and I hate humidity.  So, inside is where you will find me except when getting food from the garage.  It’s just how it is for me now.  Anyone who wants to see me can, it’s cool, just come on inside.  Mom will be watching the Cubs.

Another weigh in of 207.2.  It’s becoming a thing I guess.  Better than 208 and worse than 206, but I can live with 207.2, it’s a good weight.  With my TMI problem, I swell up and then when it finally all comes out I drop to 206.8 and then settle back into 207.2.  So it’s all good.  Yes it is.

My Dungeons and Dragons Acquisition Inc. book came today.  Again it went on the self, right next to the Saltmarsh one, without even cracking the cover.  I am just NOT in a Dungeons and Dragons mood in any stretch of reality.  So, I have those two books to look at later.  I had actually forgotten that I had ordered this book and it was a nice surprise to open the package that for one I wasn’t waiting for.  LOL

SKYRIM:  I’m playing my first Vampire Lord.  She started as a Khajiit.  At level 20 she started Dawnguard and just after hitting 21 became a Vampire with return Serena and her Elder Scroll; Lord Harkon gave me a bite and I guess I bit him back cuz a cut scene later I was a Vampire Lord.  Not quite sure what I am doing or how to do it, but so far it goes fairly well.  It’s something new in Skyrim that I haven’t ever done before.  We’ll see how it goes and if I like it enough to continue with it or delete.

I am thinking of making a high elf warrior… lol.  Well spellsword.  That should be funish for a change.  Looking for things to make the game feel different even in the slightest bit.

WWE 2k19 comes tomorrow.  Holding out hope that I can actually play it for long enough to give it a good go.  I know I have mentioned it before; my hands both have tendonitis which makes holding and pushing buttons on the controller somewhat painful.  But if the game is cool enough, I will live with the pain.  Yep, I am that desperate for a good game.







Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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