My 2 hobbies and hopefully a 3rd

Slept for crap last night, slept for crap today…  Should be tired enough to sleep tonight, I hope.  Can’t wait to get new CPAP masks… I could order them from Mercy and have them probably Friday or I can just wait for Friday and get them from Mayo.  I just thought of the Mercy way or I would have done it last week and been back on CPAP already.  Sometimes I am such and idiot.  Anyhow, Friday night I hope to be strapped into my CPAP and breathing right at night so I can sleep.  Unfortunately I still have my prostrate issues which wake me up even with the CPAP, but the quality of sleep I do get is much improved, so CPAP wins.

Still looking for a 6th player for my Dungeons and Dragons campaign.  I am used to 6, everything I have ready is set for 6.  5 might get beat up on the first night.  Maybe I will throw in an Non-player character until I can find a 6th.  I hate to do that, but it might be my only option.  Anyhow, Avaras is set and ready to go.  Session 0, the planning session, where I go over house rules and cover about foul language and bong noises, is this Tuesday, and we are starting the game the following Tuesday.  So in reality I have a week to find a 6th player.  Shouldn’t be much of a problem.

The only problem I foresee so far is the Nick (the only guy who is totally new to me) has made a Yuan-Ti Warlock of the Fiend.  He is gonna have to do some serious explaining to me how this snake person is going to act without getting an entire city after him.  Yuan-Ti are known to be not evil per se, but self serving and not caring about lesser beings (which is everyone else).  So, if he has a good story, I will let it go, but if he just says, “You said all races and classes,” then we might have issue.  I honestly hope he has a good story, I’d actually love for him to play it.

I am looking forward to playing Dungeons and Dragons with real people on Wednesday nights.  Initially I will just play at the open tables.  Then after my vacation I will run The Hole as it was meant to be run, live, in person.  Yeah, that should be fun, even if its broken up into 2 hour increments.  Get me a following of players and it all should be good.  I have a folder full of ideas for The Hole, I just have to get them in order between now and I think its August 21st, maybe the 28th and just get people interested on the 21st.  Anyhow, it’s all good, the guy who DMed for us said that they are always short on DMs.  So, I should get to DM as much as I want there.  Which is cool.

I know I said I am only going to do 2 days of gaming a week, but I added a third.  Because it’s not every Friday night.   And because I was invited so nicely.  And because I finally get to play a Dragonborn Paladin.  Will start this week if we get back from Mayo on time.  It’ll be close one way or the other and depends a lot on if the weather stays nice or the storm they are predicting hits on our way home.  But this game is with good friends, online of course, and if I miss it’s “No big deal”.  We are doing Strahd, which is notorious for Total Party Kills.  LOL, haven’t been in a TPK in a long time.  It’s all good, really it is.

My miniatures and padded boxes to hold them in will be here on Thursday.  YAY.  And yes, I overdid it, but hey, they might well be the only birthday present I am getting this year.  And they were in my “Budget” for the month of July.  So even Teresa will have to let me start collecting and trying to paint these buggers.  I got some I will never use, cuz I bought the monthly collection for a set price, but the monthly collection had some of the ones I was looking at individually in it, so I went for it.  I went plastic over metal for the price difference, plastic being much cheaper in cost and bendable in many cases where the metal ones would break.  So, the plan is to watch a bunch of videos on YouTube on how to paint miniatures and then go to it.   Heh, the worst I can do is bad and then you strip the paint and try again.

I tried watching WWE Stomping Grounds PPV the other day (forgot to mention that), I got through two matches and shut it off.  It was bad.  Whoever WWE has writing for them now, just plain sucks.  Ricochet beating Samoa Joe I could see, but I thought the match was blah.  Lacked the flash that both of these wrestlers should have been able to give.  And THE MAN vs The Southern Lady was just a stupid match to begin with.  I’ve mentioned before that I hate on behalf of all women that Becky Lynch calls herself THE MAN.  Infers that a woman couldn’t do it perhaps.  Well anyhow, those were the 2nd then the 1st match of the card, and I just couldn’t stomach it.   So if someone tells me it got better when I know that Baron Corbin was in the main event, I doubt I would believe them.

I am waiting for AEW Fight for the Fallen on July 16th.  That should be a good show.  And yes, I somewhat agree with Vince McMahon when he said “AEW can’t live up to the hype.”  I hope he is wrong, but the hype machine is going overboard for AEW and they are still lacking the big star.  Pushing Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega as the Elite is fine.  But they need to pull off a steal of a really big name from anywhere…  Chris Jericho is my age and I wouldn’t try to keep up with those young guys.  Adam Page is an excellent wrestler, but who besides ROH fans have heard of him?  If I was the rich dude funding AEW (I forget his name) I would go after NXT guys.   But what do I know about running a wrestling promotion?

Tomorrow I plan to finally break out the WWE Y2K19 video game.  Yup, assuming I wake up at a reasonable hour tomorrow I will be playing it tomorrow during the morning hours.  I am looking forward to it.  I read some more reviews and everyone of them said it was way cool and the best wrestling game ever.   I hope this is the case.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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