Exhaustion caused sleep is still sleep

I slept last night, miracle of miracles, I slept without the CPAP.  I must have gotten 10 hours of blissful sleep total.  I feel good.  My body just sort of shut down at 9:30pm last night and the next thing I remember is Teresa’s alarm going off a 6am, me deciding I wasn’t getting up, then my med alarm going off at 7am (I do not remember taking my meds but apparently I did) and finally my med alarm at 9am, which finally woke me up.  Mind you there were some trips to the bathroom during the night, but overall I slept.

This does not mean I am not going to get new masks for CPAP and start using it again.  It was just my body’s defense against total exhaustion.  The CPAP helps me cut down the trips to the bathroom at night by helping me get into a deeper sleep.  Deeper sleep means I don’t need as much sleep.  More time to do much of nothing.

Tonight is Session 0 if my Dungeons and Dragons Campaign, Aravas.  The 5 players I have spoken to are excited to get things going.  Nick, the 6th, the one I need to talk to has been elusive.  But it’s all good.  I’m sure he is excited too.  Session 0 will take less than an hour and be done.  Then it’s on to Session 1.

Session 1 is next Tuesday.  I’ve got the undead list all written out.  Going to go about the undead attack is a slightly different way than last time. Don’t know if it will make it harder or easier or the same, just different.  We’ll find out next week.  As it stands I think the old party on paper was stronger than the new party, but paper doesn’t mean crap.  I think the new party will do just fine.

OK, I was wrong, my Ordainship credentials are to be on the way today.  Being shipped 2 day, so will be here on Thursday I believe.  Way cool.  They are sending them 2 day priority mail thru the USPS.  So, should have no problem getting here by Thursday.

My miniatures and paints are somewhere between Denton, TX and Adel, IA coming UPS.  I have a tracking number that just tells me that they were picked up.  lol.  That is the first step in them getting here.  Estimated delivery is Thursday.  They’ll be here Thursday.

Battle Mat has shipped from Amazon.  The miniature cases haven’t shipped yet.  But they will all be here on Thursday.  I need it all to get here on Thursday cuz I won’t be here on Friday to sign for things.   And I am sure I have to sign for the miniatures.

After I finish writing this blog entry, I am going to fire up the XBOX and try to play WWE 2k19 Wrestling game finally.  Only had it here for a month.  Should have cracked it open a long time ago.   Should do a lot of things that I don’t.  So today is the day.

I hope I get home early enough on Friday to play Dungeons and Dragons with Jet and Derek and Shannon and Beth and Alan.  I’m really looking forward to Strahd.  But priorities on Friday are getting the CPAP masks, not on making it home in record time.

Heh, AEW’s Fight for the Fallen is on Saturday.  WWE’s Extreme Rules in on Sunday.  I got my weekend covered.  I’ll still have time to finish plotting Session 1 of Aravas.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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