They are going to buy an elephant

Sleep, that elusive thing, evaded me again last night.  It looked promising, I was asleep by about 10:45 and I slept sounding for a couple hours, waking up at 2:10am.  I got watch 3:10, 4:10 and 5:10 roll past.  Sometime between 5:10 and Teresa’s 6am alarm I must have dozed off, cuz she yelled at me for sleeping on my back, which I am definitely not supposed to do.  Well, about 7:30am I fell back asleep, my alarm was set for 8:30am to give me time to get ready and get to my endodontics appointment at 10.  So, yes, I got some sleep, but not nearly enough.  Nap time after this blog and I take the trash to the curb.

The endodontics appointment was interesting, he told me in great detail about what was wrong with #14 and #15.  It looks like we can save #14 but #15 is kinda anyone’s guess until he gets inside to take a look.  The cheap dentist I used when we lived in Vegas really did a number on these 2 teeth.   Basically they have to be completely root canaled again and in #15 some of the pathways looked blocked, if that is the case, #15 gets pulled.  There is quite a bit of infection near the nerve ends on both teeth, thus the reason these need to be done.  My appointment for the first one is next Thursday at Noon.

Session 0 for my Dungeons and Dragons campaign, Avaras, was last night.  The first 40 minutes we kept mostly on track and information got passed and questions got answered.  Then someone brought up World of Warcraft and things fell apart.  I called the session at 1 hour and 2 of the players kept rambling for another hour about WoW.  It’s all good I guess, people needed to get to know each other.  Chatting about WoW is getting to know a person sorta.  Danny and I kept talking for a while longer after everyone else was gone.  Danny is a good friend.  Cori is a good friend.  Jason is a good friend.  I thought Tabitha was at least 16, but she is only 14 and quiet like a mouse.  She is gonna get steamrolled I am afraid.  Nick was pretty quiet too.  Bruce was babbling with everyone.  Anyhow, I like this group, I hope I don’t screw it up.

Session 1 is next Tuesday.  I have titled it “Against the Undead”.  They are going to face a lot of undead, just like last time cuz it starts a major recurring plot line that I don’t want to throw away.  It’s all good though, everyone has been told that night 1 is going to be tough and those who have been thru it before know what I am saying.  Get past night 1 and it will get easier before it gets harder.  I gave them all the ability to hurt undead, so that’s good.  It’s just can they kill them all without dying themselves.   That we will know next Tuesday night.

Credentials, Minis, Paints, Boxes, and Battle map should all arrive tomorrow.  Big day for the mail man and the UPS guy and for ME. 🙂  I need new toys to play with.  New junk to clutter the house with.  Teresa won’t care that I got them, she will just want to know where I am going to put them…  I guess in the basement for now.  Except for that which I am working on, that’ll go in the spare room.  Yup, that is how things are going to roll.

Once again, I didn’t play WWE Y2k19 on the XBOX yesterday.  I got sidetracked and it just didn’t happen.  So, maybe tomorrow before everything arrives.  This week is crawling by.  It feels like tomorrow should be the weekend already, but we are just half way through.

I’ve calculated time and watched the weather.  Should, mind you SHOULD, be back in time for Jet’s Strahd campaign on Friday night.  Even if we stop at eat, which we normally do, I should be back before 7.  the question will actually be will I be able to actually lift my arms after the baby shots.  Need my arms to play.  LOL.  We shall see.

Looking forward to a weekend of rest and relaxation and watching wrestling.  I’ll need it after Friday at Mayo.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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