Broken, but not afraid

My arms are a really light shade of pink where I got the shots and they are still considerably tender to touch, but they are getting better, so it’s all good.

Went to Iowa Ortho today about  my right knee.  The good news is that there is nothing visible wrong at this point.  The bad news is that I can’t take NSAIDs or steroids to treat the issue that is going on, so I gotta sorta live with the pain.  He said that it was probably the knee cap getting rough on the bottom edge and messing with the muscles around it.  He said it happens to lots of people.  He suggested I get a knee brace, which I will, and he gave me a couple exercises to strengthen the muscles that are under attack from the knee cap.  I liked Dr. Kenney and what he said makes perfect sense.  He did say if in a month or two if its not better, then I get a cortisone shot.  So, starting today, I will do these simple exercises and see if they help, hope that they help.

CPAP worked beautifully last night.  I used it for about 6 hours and slept wonderfully.  Yeah, I slept another 3 hours after I took it off.  It ran out of water or I would have kept using it for those 3 hours.  Yes, it feels good to be sleeping again.  I admit it, freely without any coercion, I should have been using this stupid CPAP all along.  Please refer me to this post in a couple months when I decide I don’t want to use the CPAP any more.

Waiting to hear back from Mayo again about my cortisol level.  From her initial response, I think the results were good.  But she had questions that I had to answer and now I am waiting for her response to my response.  I am hoping she says I get to come off the hydrocortisone, but she might just take me down to 5mg a day for a while.  I’m fighting to come off of as many meds as I can.  At this rate though, I may be on Penicillin and Acyclovir forever.  YUCK.

My Dungeons and Dragons campaign Avaras reboots tonight.  100s of undead await a somewhat unsuspecting party.  It’s gonna be a slobber-knocker 😛  The party, like I said yesterday, is technically tougher than the first party, but how we determine which of the undead hordelings they face is different.  So they might run into problems.  There are 6 players versus over 100 undead.  It should be fun.  I hope no one dies.  But making a character on D&DBeyond is a breeze, if someone dies a new character can replace them literally in a few minutes.  But no one will die, it’s all good.

I am debating not going to Wednesday night Dungeons and Dragons at Mayhem comics tomorrow.  I don’t know why?  I just am not feeling it right now.  Perhaps my mood might change for tomorrow.  But if it was an issue of right now I wouldn’t be going.  Perhaps missing 2 days of Clonazepam did increase my anxiety.  Who knows?  I will decide tomorrow when it is time to go.

Hopefully my desire to not go on Wednesday does not affect my gaming on Friday.   I really do not know if its anxiety about playing with strangers or what it is.  But I want to play on Friday.  We hope it doesn’t mess me up whatever it is.

Next week I will be carless for a few days, it’s all good.  I can veg around the house, no problem.  I hope my car isn’t too expensive to fix.  We shall see when they give me an estimate on how much to fix whats wrong.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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