Tired, but trudging on

My arms are finally better.  Only took 5 days to stop being tender and pink.  l hope I don’t have to go through this again twice more, but we shall see.

Dr. Kenney really got my knee riled up yesterday.  I hurt all last night and I hurt today.  Hurts laying here, hurts walking, hurts standing, just plain hurts.  That’s what I get for going to the orthopedic doctor anyway.  No seriously, I figured he was gonna move it around and make it hurt.  Never doubted that in my mind.  Just now its like a 6 or 7 hurt instead of a 2 or 3.  It’ll get better after a few days.  I tried to do the exercises he gave me to do every day and I couldn’t do them cuz even the little movement hurt too much.  I feel like such a baby about it, but it is an older person problem.  Still need a brace, might ask Teresa to swing by Walmart or Walgreens and pick one up for me.

CPAP is still working well for me.  I am getting 6-7 hours with it a night and then the pressure on my face gets to be too much and I take it off.  Then I sleep for a couple hours without it.  I should use it whenever I sleep, but the medium mask is too small for my face and it digs into my face but the large is too big and doesn’t make a good seal.  So I am stuck with the medium.  I’ll keep using it, it’s not that bad.

Heard back from Mayo about my cortisol issue.  Jennifer the CRNP in charge of that took me from 10mg to 5mg of hydrocortisone.  We will probably start the on Saturday cuz Teresa doesn’t like to change med boxes midweek and she probably wouldn’t trust me to do it.  I really wanted to come off the hydrocortisone but she explained coming off even 10mg can be really dangerous.   Blah, I laugh at danger.  But Mayo doesn’t.  So, a week or two of 5mg and finally will be off hydrocortisone.  That’ll be nice.

Aravas (Avaras, I don’t know, I spell it differently everywhere) went off wonderfully last night.  All the players responded that they had fun.  Almost killed 2 of them, got them down to 1 hit point, but luck and a good healer saved them in time.  I guess it was harder than last time (per the people who played the first time too).  Less undead, but slightly more powerful.  I don’t watch players hit points when we play, even though I have the option with Dndbeyond.  I prefer to not know how close they are until they start screaming for heals. lol.  Special props go out to the Wizard Daviz (Bruce) and the Warlock Lorec (Nick) both of whom had no idea what to expect from theater of the mind, both of them did wonderful jobs.  The swashbuckler Blossom (Tabitha) also did a stellar job considering she has only played Dungeons and Dragons twice before.  It was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to next week, where the party will get to know each other and get to meet the sleazy gnome.

I am NOT going to Mayhem tonight, my knee hurts entirely too much and I really don’t feel up to the long drive there.  So I am not going.  Simple as that.  I am not needed at the table I was playing at and I don’t know if I can get onto another table.   And frankly, I am really tired today, so I am gonna stay home and rest.

I still plan to play online on Friday if it goes like planned.  One of the players is about to pop out a baby though, its due “this month” so the game might be cancelled on little to no notice.  We shall see.   Fedha my silver dragonborn pally is ready.

We had a really nice summer storm today.  A couple hours of thunder and rain.   It appears to have blown over now and left behind a cool but humid day.  Nice.  They said thunderstorms on the news last night and mother nature delivered.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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