Defiant, and standing strong

The arm pinkness has faded and the tenderness has gone away.  I have two normal arms again.  At least that is something.   Not looking forward to my next immunization shots if they are going to cause a week’s worth of pain/discomfort.  But I have to go through this at least 2 more times, September and November.

OMG does my tooth hurt.  Yeah, I haven’t had a root canal is so long I had forgotten just how much after pain is involved.  And the only thing I can take for said pain is Tylenol.  Took my Tylenol about a half hour ago and it did take the edge off.  So I won’t complain too much.  Just wish the pain wasn’t there.

August 21st for the other tooth being pulled.  Long wait.  But I guess I have nothing but time to burn waiting for it.

Still reeling from my bad news.  I posted more info than I wanted to initially, so most of you have figured out at least sort of what is going on.  Bone marrow biopsy is next Friday.  Get the results on August 2nd.  So, two trips up to Mayo.  I would say YAY, but it is not Yayable.

I forgot to plug back in the black tube on my CPAP again.  Water got everywhere again.  I am such as idiot sometimes.  I should have noticed it when I first started the mask, but no, I have to wait 3 hours into sleep and have the machine go totally nuclear to know I forgot the tube.  Hey, at least (to Teresa’s surprise) I am still using the CPAP, that has to count for something.

Had nothing planned for today.  That is good.  I wouldn’t have wanted to do anything today with my tooth hurting.  So today has been a lazy day.  I am sleeping a lot and find it hard to wake up.  That is probably from accidently coming off the hydrocortisone instead of dropping down to 5mg.  We will fix that tonight/tomorrow.  I plan to work on Tuesday nights game later tonight.

Regardless of what happens at Mayo over the next few weeks, I plan to continue to run my game and I plan to still go visit my mom and brother from the 7th to the 14th.  Running my game can happen anywhere I have an internet connection (even if it’s my phone), and Mayo can wait till I get back from my family’s.  The party at this moment is, however, up in the air.  Depends on what is said August 2nd at Mayo.

Aravas, my Dungeons and Dragons campaign on Tuesday night is what is going to continue for as long as I can continue it.  We do have a break on August 6 and 13th.  I don’t play on my birthday and I will be last night out of town on the 13th.  But after I get back I plan on resuming from wherever we left off.  I owe it to my friends and to myself to continue to have fun in the face of sobering news.  By the time I get back from the Region, I will know what is going on with Mayo.

The Mayo news will also directly effect whether I am running a game on Wednesday nights at Mayhem.  I really want to run the Hole for the guys and gals at Mayhem, but I might not be able to.  Everything is up in the air right now.  BLAH.  I probably should let Brendan know that I might not be able to run a game after all, but screw it.  Mayo is going to be nothing and I will be able to run The Hole.

Friday night game is screwed as I go to Mayo next Friday and the Friday after that.  Then I am back for a Friday and then I gone for a Friday.  Then there is a couple Fridays up in the air, might be at Mayo, might not.  SUCKS, I wanted to play with Jet, Derek, Shannon, and them.  But no, it’s not gonna happen.

Pizzas finally came.  UPS finally delivered them.  They were still frozen.  Got to love dry ice.  UPS couldn’t deliver them cuz after the rain on Tuesday their lot was flooded and they couldn’t get their trucks out.  DOH.  I think I’d move to higher ground if I was them.  Anyhow, like I said the pizzas were still frozen so I wont complain too much.

This weekend ROH Wrestling has a PPV I am gonna watch.  I forget the name of it, but ROH has consistently given the best PPVs, so I will give them my time.  I haven’t watched wrestling on TV in quite a while, I wonder if I will even know who is wrestling.  Oh well, like I said they have been consistently good so it should be a great show.

Get my new glasses Sunday.  I will be able to see quite a bit better.  I still wish I would have went with the other pair, but the Oakleys will do just fine for a year or two.  It’s all good.

Tonight for dinner we are trying the new B-Bops in Waukee.  B-Bops is a burger joint local to the Des Moines area, and we were all surprised when they announced they were going to open in Waukee.   Anyhow, B-Bops has been rated best burger in Des Moines for like the last 20 years, so I am looking forward to my burger tonight.  Teresa will be bringing it home with her from work which means dinner is in about an hour and half.  Good, cuz I am starting to get hungry, lunch didn’t do it for me.

And because I am still a dirty old man…

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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