All hail, Dr. Shorty!!

Well, the good news is that I am not getting my tooth pulled tomorrow, the day before my party.   We don’t have to go to Mayo at all till Sunday or Monday early (Teresa and I are talking).  The bad news which spawned the good news is that my platelets are down to 50ish and tomorrow they would be in the 40s.  Had to be OVER 50 for Dr. Alkhateeb to allow it to happen.  So, sucky platelets mean my mouth won’t hurt at the party.  Sucky platelets also mean pretty soon I will be getting a PICC Line or a Port to help in giving me platelets; so they don’t have to keep poking me every time I need an Infusion.  But that is a complainfest for another time.

As I said yesterday, my back is getting better, however running around today really made it hurt this evening.  As long as I limp on my right knee will be as long as I have a back that hurts (according to Chris-the PA).  My knee is thoroughly messed up with rough area under the kneecap causing the tendons and stuff to inflame, so I am gonna be limping for a long time.  He gave me photocopies of some stretches I might be able to do.  He did not recommend physical therapy (which surprised me).  And he said to avoid icing it, to embrace the heat pack and never look back.  Ice works for acute damage, but heat is there when its just muscles.  And let me tell you it is really nice feeling being on the heat pad.

We are discussing taking our dogs with us to my mom and brother’s place.  My mom is afraid that Sam (their big golden retriever) would play to rough with our little chihuahuas.  Well, Pucky has always liked big dogs, and Mojo will start screaming like a little baby.  I am going to call mom and ask her again if she minds. —  The kicker here is then we would have to come home Sunday and then drive to Mayo early Monday morning.  Long drive Sunday, long drive Monday, my back will be thrashed beyond recognition.  So, I am of two minds about taking the dogs with us.  On one hand, Teresa happy and I won’t start missing my fur babies for a few days, on the other hand my back gets saved 1 extra long drive.  I will really have to think about this for a while.

Dr. Wehbe, the hematologist/oncologist who put me in remission the first time, who’s office I still use for lab works, had summoned me to an appointment next Thursday.  I guess he wants to know what is going on under his good name since all the orders from Mayo to Dr. Wehbe’s lab are marked from Dr. Alkhateeb via Dr. Wehbe.  So, I will go see the short one with a smile on my face.  I like Dr. Wehbe a whole lot so it will be good to spend some time with him.  Anyhow, I have to be their for labs,  might as well see the good doctor.

We are leaving Des Moines around 10am tomorrow, which means we should hit Portage about 4:30 or so.  In plenty of time for mom to take us out to dinner, which I may not be up for cuz of my back.  But we shall see.  I know I saw my mom and brother less than 2 months ago, I still miss them terribly.  So, even though it is going to be a really short visit, I am happy that I get to see them again.

The party is so ON now.  I am crazily looking forward to seeing people who care enough to want to make the trip to Portage for me.  Heh, it’s gonna be great.  I’m stoked.  Yeah, buddy.  Remember, I AIN’T DEAD YET.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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