The AIN’T DEAD YET party in 600ish words

I would rate the party a huge success, even though only about 35 people showed up and a lot of people who said they were coming didn’t show.  But it’s all good, I understand that life comes before party.  So we had a good time and the last guests left at 11pm (which was midnight to them).  I had a surprise guess who I have known since 2nd grade.  A couple friends from high school.  Cousins and family.  And a whole slew of the gang.  But before I get into those happenings, I want to complain a bit about Big Daddy’s BBQ.

Big Daddy’s BBQ had been the go to place to cater events at my brother’s house. He has used them for at least the last 4 years that I know of and there has never been a problem.  Well, for my party, there was a problem.  Now, I cut them some slack because they were understaffed because big daddy’s brother-partner died and the funeral was, you guessed it, on the day of my party.  So, a few days before they called and asked if we could pick it up.  No problem, we understand.  And we agreed to pick it up at 4pm.

Ruby (my god-mother) and I got there are a quarter till 4.  I stopped a lady and asked her about our order.  She went to the back for 3 or so minutes, then came back and said it would be ready by 4.  So we waited the 10 or so minutes and no food.  We waited 10 more and I went up to ask at the counter where they assured me it was just about ready.  10 minutes later I was back up at the counter.  They got me some managerial type person who said it would be ready in “a few minutes.”  Well, we went round and round like this till 4:37.  Not a single person said they were sorry for making us wait.  Its a 35 minutes drive from Big Daddy’s to my brothers, so needless to say food was late.  And the order was screwed up.

We will not be using Big Daddy’s again ever.

The party started with people chatting, which is always good. I tried to play social butterfly and talk to every group.  And I think I did just that.

I was warn out of 7pm.  But I mustered on. Most of the non-Gang people life shortly after it got dark.  Then we decided to play games.  My Tomb of Annihilation was a rousing hit.  I was very fun to play, but it was only for 5 people, the others went and played euchre.  We have no clue how long it took us to beat Tomb of Annihilation but we actually won.

After cleaning up the games and giving some of the food to some of the people, it was 11pm and all my gang friends had to go.  So they party ended at 11pm.  6 hours of a good time if you ask me.

Now I have to stay alive for 1 year to have a STILL AIN’T DEAD YET party.  It’ll be earlier in the year, although it was a beautiful day in August to have a party. NOT HOT.  I wanted to have it the last day in May but mom reminded met that the school she lives across from is still in session and they fill that parking lot of with families doing activities almost every weekend.  Jimmy’s party is in late June.  It’s too hot in July. so I may end up back in August.   It’s all good, we’ll figure it out.  If I am still alive next year, there will be a party.

I miss my doggies.  I hope Jay is taking good care of them.

And sorry Pete, I completely forgot pictures of the party.  My phone was working at 13% change and I was more worried about any phone calls.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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