A lot of health talk, a lot of D&D talk too

Last night at Jet & Derek’s Gang Friday Night Gaming thing, somehow I volunteered to run the first 3 (possibly 4) sessions of a new campaign.  It’s all good.  I was thinking of breaching out to another night and run a new campaign.  So yeah, this works even better.  They understand my health issues and will be cool if something happens.  Anyhow, the campaign I decided to run on Friday Nights is the higher (level 10+) leveled campaign that I had mostly prepared already of The Hole.  I love the whole concept of the Hole, and am looking forward to starting them there.  Sometime between now and Monday evening I will give all their characters their magic items and we will be set.  The only issue I have is there is 7 possibly 8 players and I usually limit my groups to 6.   But I have run with 20 before, so it’s no big deal.

Starting session 0 of a new Sunday campaign tomorrow night.  Jason is running this one.  Jason has been a good friend for quite a while.  He is planning on running an Eberron campaign (a couple months before the Eberron book is released).  This is also all good, he is going to do his own thing and not worry about the book being released.  Jason is going to give us all the details on character building and such tomorrow night.  Yep, I will make a dozen or so more characters for his game.  Heh.

I am watching All Elite Wrestling’s PPV All Out as I type this.  Please don’t take that as this is not a good Pay Per View, especially for 25 bucks (gotta love Teresa working for the cable company).  I watch WWE and ROH PPVs semi-religiously, this PPV matches up as just as good as ROH and better than most of what the WWE has put out in recent history.  The only match that I really haven’t liked was the hardcore one, but I rarely like hardcore matches from any company.

My nasty cough has come back today.  Not sure what is causing it.  Yes, I have mentioned that I have a perma-cough since 2015 chemo.  But that cough is a dry annoying cough.  This cough is wet and disgusting.  New for the summer of 2019.  Hopefully it doesn’t hang around long.

Also, I haven’t eaten dinner yet.  I am kind of tired of getting nauseous every evening.  Now it is late enough that I should be able to eat without feeling ill.  At least that is how its been the last few nights.   Eating at 5 or 6: I feel horrible, Eating at 9 or 10 I feel fine.  Really weird, I know.  I think I will try Kraft Mac n Cheese tonight.

This Tuesday, we will FINALLY get to play Aravas, my Dungeons and Dragons campaign, session #2.  Yeah, yeah, I said that before.  But this week I feel better as of now.  So I foresee no problem with me running the game Tuesday night.  When I cancelled last week, I felt like crap and the players just told me to get some rest.  That is the kind of player I collect, one who understands that life happens.  We will have fun on Tuesday night.

I go back to Mayo on Monday, September 9th.  I shouldn’t need platelets yet.  Dr. Alkhateeb actually gave us 3 weeks between appointments, and might have went further if it wasn’t time for my 3rd round of Baby Shots.  Let me tell you something, Baby Shots hurt.  I feel sorry for every baby that has to go through them all.  I only have to go through some of them.  And the pain is real.


Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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