7 little points made me happy today

I went to MOHA, as I do every Thursday, for my Blood Tests.  Most of them are just blah blah blah tests, things I don’t and haven’t had issues with.  But parts of the CBC I pay very close attention to, specifically the hemoglobin and the platelets.  Well, today my hemoglobin continued its slow drop, so I get to look forward to more fatigue.  I got a long wait before I get any blood.  Good news, bad news, just news.  However, in a surprise of surprises my platelets went up 7 points.  Now on the greater scale of platelets, that is insignificant, however to me it’s very significant as it’s the first time it went up in the past 6+ months.  I got another CBC scheduled at Mayo on Monday.  We shall see if this is a for real upswing or a one time tease.  I think it is possible that it is the new machine at MOHA.  But the Mayo blood test will be what they go on.  So, I am optimistically happy about those 7 silly little points.

I had a short talk with the lab guy today.  He’s a friend now although I admit I have totally forgotten his name.  Anyhow, we chatted about fatigue.  His words of wisdom were, “it’s gonna get worse before it gets any better.”  My response was , “No shit, this isn’t my first time around.”  He also asked me initially, “How’s it going?”  The question I totally hate along with “How you doing today?”  I know people are asking because they care, but the cancer part of me WANTS to go off on you.  It WANTS to basically make you feel like crap for asking, for reminding me every day of just how miserable I am for the most part.  But the part of me that isn’t sick steps forward and answers politely.  One of these days though, the cancer part will win.  Just a heads up.

Teresa is at Wal-Mart or Trader Joes at this time.  Weekly grocery trip.  I miss her when she doesn’t come straight home from work.  But someone has to do the grocery shopping and stuff.  So I guess I just got to live with it.

Tomorrow night is the First Friday Gang Gaming Session.  In case you have been under a rock or haven’t been following along, I will be the inaugural Dungeons Master for “The Hole”.  I have 7 players who are ready to, well, play.  We are going to be playing from 6pm to 9pm Central Time.  Yes, I quoted Central time instead of Eastern as most of the players are from Central Time.  I’m not the oddball on this one.  Anyhow, 3 hours of playing on a Friday night, can’t go to the fun, make the fun yourself.  I have reserved the first 3 Fridays for my initial concept, but it might run 4.  Combat is going to be huge and take a considerable amount of time.  But we will figure it out.  Just hoping that Dr. Alkhateeb and Mayo don’t screw me around back to Fridays.  That would in one word… SUCK.

Monday is Mayo day.  We are going with no idea what we are going for.   And collectively we hate that.  Teresa sent a message and was politely  informed that Dr. Alkhateeb was out of the office (AGAIN) this week and will advise upon his return.  Hmmm, he will tell us on Monday why we are there on Monday.  How nice.  Teresa thinks he will schedule the 2nd DLI for Tuesday.  I said he won’t be a prick and not give us notice to get a room.  We need a week or so to get a room at the Gift of Life transplant house.  Beside my arms are gonna be hurting on Tuesday, last thing I want to is just lay there.  So, I am guessing he will say DLI in 1 week.  That would give them time to get ready and give us time to find a room if we need it.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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