mmm Italian Beef made by Teresa

Teresa just made THE BEST Italian Beef sandwich this side of Chicago.  Sorry Babykins, they do something in Chicago that makes them amazing.  Yours was incredible.  Amazing is slightly better than incredible but not so far as being significantly different.  Anyhow, we both loved it and have enough leftovers for a few days (read as week or two).  This was primarily a rump roast (yeah, boo for crappy cut of meat) and some spices cooked in the sous vide for somewhere near 12 hours and it turned into some of the best beef that I have had in Iowa.  She just added onions and peppers, some Au jus, sliced provolone cheese and the right hoagie roll, throw it all together and BOOM, excellent sandwich.  I am still the luckiest man alive.  Who gives a shit that I am dying, I am going to eat well going out.

Waiting to find out what is going on in my treatment before I call a funeral home to arrange my cremation and stuff.  I’ve decided on where to have it done, in Stuart at the Johnson Family Funeral Home & Cremation Services.  They are the closest place to Adel which does Cremations in house.  I don’t want a service, I don’t want visitors, I just want to be burned up and put in something my wife can put on a shelf.  Teresa is weird, she wants to keep my ashes.  Oh well, I’ll be dead, what do I care?  Maybe it’ll make it easier to haunt her.

Tomorrow, we go to Mayo.  We are leaving at 6:20am to get there by 10:20am when things start with a blood test.  After the blood test we have a 10:45am appointment with the pharmacist Gabe.  He’s a real nice guy, really seems to care.  Then our next appointment isn’t till 12:45pm with a nurse, then 1:15pm with Dr. Alkhateeb (Finally).  After that we are totally unsure of what is going to happen.  I am scheduled for baby shots #3 at 2pm, but the nurse we saw last time said that probably isn’t going to happen.  So we don’t know nothing.  According to Dr. Alkhateeb before, I am also due for DLI #2 this week.  I certainly don’t want both on consecutive days.  So, we shall see what is on the big Doc’s mind and go from there.  If nothing extra happens we will be home by 6pm.  That would be nice if you ask me.

As I said yesterday, my first attempt at Friday Night Gang Gaming sucked.  However, assuming I am not back at Mayo this Friday (which is a possibility) I have been blessed with a second chance.  Everyone knows my game sucked, but everyone is saying it was fun.  If it is within my power, I will run a better game this Friday.  And hopefully I won’t nod off during the game, that was when I called it last Friday, when I nodded off for a few seconds.  I fought the fatigue and the fatigue won.

I am hoping to have enough players to play on Tuesday night.  I am down 1 maybe 2.  1 I can work around, but 2 I would have to redo everything.  One of my players said he could get me someone, but he hasn’t.  He also hasn’t updated his character which makes me think he isn’t into this anymore.  So, one quit and one we don’t know for sure.  Makes it hard to plan a game.  So Tuesday night, Avaras, my Dungeons and Dragons campaign is on hold I think, until I can find 2 more reliable players.

Fatigue sucks, I am wiped out.  Not sleepy, tried to nap to no avail.  Just have zero energy.  Which sucks, cuz I got things I want to do that I just cant muster up the gumption to do.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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