I get blood tomorrow woot

Thank the gods for Dr. Wehbe being a reasonable man.  And thank the gods for Blaine (the blood lab guy) going in to champion my cause.   Tomorrow morning I get blood finally.  My hemoglobin was at 7.6 today but I am super symptomatic.  A 4 day headache, random fevers, paleness, confusion, fatigue, the list goes on.  Blaine came back about 5 minutes after he disappeared to talk to Wehbe.  Said have a set and Crystal would talk to us.  Crystal is one of Dr. Wehbe’s nurses.  We sat in the lobby for about 10 minutes and Crystal called us back.  She did the weight, pulse, temp thing (I was running a 99 temp again), and the pullsox.  She then took us into a room, asked a few questions about meds and generally how I am feeling.  She already had orders from Dr. Wehbe to get me blood, so she did a very minimalistic check me out and said hang on while I get you an appointment at the infusion center.  Boom, she comes back with 8am.  We can do that.  So, by about 10am tomorrow I should be feeling better all around.  Oh, Dr. Wehbe doesn’t normally transfuse above 7, he made an exception for me cuz I was that bad off.

I cancelled my Dungeons and Dragons campaign of Avaras.  I did not realize I was going to get so sick, so fast when I started the game.  Yeah, I knew I was dying, just didn’t think it through that I would be so sick on the way and that it would hit so blipping fast and so blipping hard.  So Avaras died a second death, it’s a shame really, I got a lot prepared for that campaign that no one is likely to ever get to see.  Same goes for Neven and probably both halvess of The Hole.

I’ll probably feel good enough to DM again for the Gang Friday Night Gaming Group.  But I’m not gonna do it, don’t want to get into a campaign and then get sick again.  So, Jet said she will run a game tomorrow night.  It’s all good, really it is.  I get to play.  That is all I really want to do.  I love DMing, but playing is where my heart truly lies.   I made a tempest cleric for her game.   Gonna blow crap up with lightning.  Yeah, buddy that is what I am gonna do.  And I’m gonna have fun doing it.

Then Sunday is the start of Jason’s Eberron campaign.  I had to write 3 short backstories for my changling.  Who he is.  Who he is living as.  And Who he does his thieving as.  I wrote really short stories because I wasn’t feeling well.  Tomorrow I will expand on those super short stories and make them better.   Jason will understand my delay in getting it done sooner.  He knows I am not a slacker by choice.  His timing on setting up his campaign could have been better (for me) but it’s all good.  I’ll get him the backstories.

I think it is time for a short nap.  Don’t want to take a normal nap cuz I want to sleep tonight.  So, after I find a video and post this to WordPress then copy it to Facebook then mail it to my mom, I am gonna take a snooze.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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