I got 2 units of blood and a stupid headache

This morning at 7:35am we headed out to the MercyOne Hospital downtown.  Without traffic its normally a half hour drive, with traffic somehow Teresa made it with 5 minutes to spare before 8am.  At 7:58am I was signing in at the Infusion Center.  By 8:15am I was getting an IV.  Things started off wonky, my IV site bled, and I mean bled.  So, by 8:20am she had taken it all apart, cleaned everything and put it back together and ta da no blood.  Then she called the blood bank.  Now I used to be blood type O+ and the computer didn’t like us asking for A+.  So they needed another vial of blood.   No problem, blood taken, shipped off to the blood bank and we waited.  And waited.  Finally around 9am blood showed up.  Turns out that the hold up was because my blood is wishy washy A little O+ blood still floating around in my A+ blood.  So the blood bank shipped in O+ blood.  Now this confused the nurse, here I am saying A+ and she’s holding O+.  So she called the blood bank and they explained about my weird blood and that O+ is the universal donor, so we were good to go.

So, about 9am the first bag of blood went on without a hitch.  Two hours per bag.  At least there was stuff to watch on tv.  They have to do a blood pressure/temp at 5 minutes in, then every 15 for 45 minutes, and then at the end of the bag.  First bag no problem.  I started gathering my few things and was ready to go.  Then another nurse who was helping out goes, don’t you have another bag?  I’m all, I don’t know.  Turns out I did.

So, it took about an hour turn around for the second bag to be hung.  TV took a wicked turn to Soap Operas.  So I say pretty much in silence for 2 hours.  It’s all good.  Got 2 bags of some strangers blood running thru me, I feel pretty good now.

They instituted a new policy at the Infusion Center.  After you get an infusion, you have to wait an hour before you can leave… in case an issue rises.  I guess better safe then sorry.  So I sat for an hour extra.  Then Teresa came to my rescue and we came home.

6 hours total spent at the Infusion Center, I get to look forward to doing this again in a month or so.  But I could have brought a book or something to do.  So its my own fault that I was bored.  It’s all good, I got the blood and everything is fine except this stupid headache.

The headache that I assumed was caused by low hemoglobin wasn’t caused by low hemoglobin.  It’s still here and it still is hurting.  If I hadn’t taken a nap, I would have called Chris (the PA) and got an appointment with him.  Teresa says I have had headaches like this and had to get antibiotic to make them go away.  I honestly don’t remember.  But since I reported headaches to 2 hematologists and both weren’t interested, it’s time to go to Chris.  I will call first thing Monday morning to get an appointment hopefully Monday afternoon.

My headache is bad enough that I chose not to play in the Gang Friday Night Gaming Game.  I really wanted to, but I know my head is just going to hurt more with all the voices over Discord.  So, I bowed out of tonight’s game.

That leaves Jason’s Sunday game scheduled to start this Sunday.  It’ll be fun if my head doesn’t explode.  I can’t back out on him.  That would just be wrong.  So Sunday might be a painful experience, but you do what you can do for your friends.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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