Things are going well today… today

In the small world that is the greater Des Moines sprawl, occasionally I run into people I know at weird places.  Today was one of those occasions, I ran into Tiffany the President of the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce at MOHA where I went to get my weekly blood test.  Took me a minute to recognize her, cuz of the whole out of context thing, but by the time she came flying around the chairs and gave me a hug I knew who she was.  Unfortunately she was there for her father who just got diagnosed and started treatment for er, I forgot what she said his cancer is.  But he seemed to be in good spirits considering he had just been told he had cancer.  Mom seemed not upset by it either.  So, I sat and chatted with them while I waited for my name to be called to go back.  Then when I came back out a few seconds before they were called back to start chemo (pill form, must be nice).

My hemoglobin dropped to 9.8, which means by next visit is should be below 8.  Which means depending on how I look to the Blaine (the lab guy) will depend on if I see the infusion center on Thursday or not.  The catch is at the rate I am dropping  (1 point every 2 days give or take a little) if I am at 7.8 for instance, waiting a week, I will be a slug at 5.8 and be in desperate need for blood.  I certainly wouldn’t be able to walk to the blood test by myself.   That’s it, if I am in the high 7s, I will make an appointment to go back in 4 days and I should be low enough for Wehbe.  Having to be lower than 7 is brutal.  Dr. Alkhateeb gives blood less than 8.  Much more reasonable.

No Dungeon and Dragons this Friday.  Several of the players are going to see Dennis DeYoung in Muncie.  So, when the DM and several of the players are going (wish I was going) no game.  It’s all good.  I hope they have a good time.

Jason’s Eberron Dungeons and Dragons campaign will finally see the light of day.  We SHOULD be playing Sunday evening.  I feel good enough to play, and I was the hold up from starting last week.  The kicker here is he really wants me to play and I really want to play, BUT as my health yo-yos its gonna suck to keep playing each week.  I really should tell him I can’t play at all, but the gamer in my wants to play.  I guess I will have a talk with Jason and explain my situation completely and see what he thinks.

Ya wanna know something, my bipolar hasn’t really been an issue.  I don’t feel unruly happy or down in the dumps depressed.  I’m taking everything as it hits me, and yeah, I am upset about some of the crap, but I could be doom and glooming it and I am not.  Yes, we increased my Abilify to 30mg, can’t tell a difference between 20 and 30.  And I got these little Xanax to take if I start to freak out, I have taken my 2 in the past month.  I am doing this pretty mellowly and I am probably a better man for it.

Would like for Fall to actually get here.  It sucks when September temps are being higher than what it was in August.   Heh, I just watched the weather, temp drops slowly starting tomorrow, to low 70s next week.  Just got a lot of rain going on.  Maybe Fall is finally here.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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