Time changes suck

I hate the time changes.  Either direction it doesn’t matter.  The concept is outdated, hell, even the farmers who its supposedly for hate it now, just talk to an Iowa farmer.  Well, changing my sleep schedule even by an hour messes with my mental state.  Spring I tend to go a little manicy.  Fall I tend to get depressed, something I am already dealing with.  It is funny that it will take an act of congress to get rid of daylight savings time.  And my god, I hope congress has better things to do.  But on a slow day, it would be nice if some congressman or senator said, “Ya know, daylight savings is a relic of an older time, lets get rid of it.”  I think the whole nation would be united in saying thanks.  Cuz I don’t know anyone who like switching times.

Tomorrow we take another trip to Mayo, much to my desire not to go.  4 hours each direction, at least we get that over 2 days.  Tomorrow we don’t have to be there until 3:05pm, so we aren’t leaving till 11am.  At least I get to sleep in.  Teresa will be working from home until it’s time to go.  Then Wednesday is a 8am to 4pmish day, followed by a 4 hour drive home.  While in pain in my hip and mouth.  Fun not.

Mom was supposed to call me when she confirmed the closing Date of the 8th.  Either her house isn’t closing on the 8th or she got busy and forgot me.  I am voting and hoping that she just forgot me.  I want the nightmare that buying this house became to finally be over.  Never will I buy a house any way but cash in Indiana.  The realty part wasn’t bad, pretty standard, and she got lucky to find a house that ticked most of her boxes.  But the mortgage part was a mess from the get go.  Now, I have blamed the loan officer all along, throw the loan processor along in the incompetent file.  It was just ridiculous that they would ask for the exact same form 3 times.  Good thing mom’s bank has free faxing.  Anyhow, as of last night, mom was 99.999999% sure it was gonna close on the 8th.  I sure hope it’s 100% now.

Amazon mailed Teresa a small child Christmas catalog.  I have a business account with Amazon, so I miss out on stuff like that.  Anyhow, Teresa was wondering where Amazon got the idea we had small kids.   I buy Dungeons and Dragons stuff as my inner kid.   Teresa doesn’t even order that much in toys and games.  Oh well, I got to say, kids get access to much cooler toys than we did as kids.

Hey, it’s only supposed to be like 4 degrees cooler up in Rochester.  So, no parka necessary yet.  This is a good thing, I dread the full winter gear trips.  They are just uncomfortable.

Our main cable box took a dump yesterday.  Total refused to even take a hit from Mediacom.  So, now between 1 and 3 next Monday I get to babysit a cable technician as he swaps boxes.  Fun not.  We lost a lot of recordings with the box going kafooie.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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