It smells like a bakery in here

It is the night before Thanksgiving.  Teresa is busily building deserts, specifically pies: pumpkin and coconut cream, the chocolate silk remains to be picked up.  Of all the holidays, Thanksgiving might be my favorite.  Bummed that I am not healthy enough to travel to the Region and have a traditional Thanksgiving with mom and Jim and the Jackson clan.  But Teresa is an incredible cook, and we have done many Thanksgivings on our own before.  So, Teresa is going to cook entirely too much food and feed 2 people with her efforts.  Yep, its going to be just her and I and the dogs having a mostly traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  Got to appreciate these kinds of things while I can.

The winter storm that hit Iowa missed us.  We got .01 inch of snow, less than a dusting.  Parts of Iowa got up to 8 inches.  Consider us lucky.  It has rained here though, quite the rain.  And now, the rain has turned into ice as the temperature has dropped.  Wintry mix is predicted for tomorrow.  I’m already ready for winter to be over.  Winter is, by far, my least liked season.  At least I am not SAD depressed during winter anymore.  Winter use to really suck, physically and mentally, now its just physical.  And I get SAD depression in the Spring which sucks.

Mom and Jim are mostly moved into their new house.  Mom is happy.  Jim is happy.  They still have some stuff still in their old house.  I knew that would happen.  Get most of the stuff moved and then have lingering stuff cuz its really not that far.  They’ll get it all moved next week, I am pretty sure.   Like I said there isn’t a whole lot according to my mom, it’s just gathering up the energy to head over there, when they already have so much to unpack.

Blood is scheduled for Monday.  Went and talked with a Nurse Practitioner at Dr. Wehbe’s office today.  She couldn’t do anything for me.  My Hemoglobin was 8.3.  So, I was too high to get a transfusion.  We all decided on Monday morning as the time to do it.  I could tell the Crystal wanted to do something for me, but her hands were tied.  I’ll just sit here in bed, feeling progressively like crap over the next few days as my hemoglobin drops.  By Monday, my hemoglobin will be lucky to be 7.5.  I can handle that I guess.

Then Thursday and Friday will be spent at Mayo.  It’s DLI time again.  DLI #3 is scheduled to be administered on the 6th.  The 5th will be spent with appointment with the lab, the pharmacist, the nurse, and finally Dr. Alkhateeb.  The 5th is a waste of time if you ask me, barring me having pneumonia or some such the DLI is going to happen the next day.  But, apparently, it is policy to see all these people the day before the DLI.  And who am I to question policy, I’m just the sick guy who doesn’t want to be there.

Then the next week, Mom and Jim are coming to visit.  SWEET.  Haven’t seen my family since August I think.  It will be so great to have them here, even if its only for a few days.  I miss my mom and brother.  They were gonna bring my a 21″ iMac as my Christmas present.  I decided I have no room for another computer, and the only game I found that I would want to play on a MAC requires the 27″ screen.  So, since it was ordered by mistake, I told mom to just return in.  I have no use for a 21″ iMac.

I think I am going to be buying a new laptop for my Christmas present.  My current laptop is getting old and its starting to give me BSOD gathering information errors.  So, it just might be time.  I found the update on this model for about the same price as I paid for this laptop.  This has been a really good laptop for me.  It’s an ASUS ROG STRIX, I have always been a big fan of ASUS ROG series of stuff.  So, I have no problem considering buying another one.

I won’t be writing a new blog entry tomorrow.  So I will wish all my readers a Happy Thanksgiving.  May you eat too much, have to unbutton your pants, and fall asleep on the couch.  The way it is supposed to be done.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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