Doh it is December already

Oh crap, it is December.   Where the hell did November go?  I remember Thanksgiving, and the next thing I knew it was December.  That puts me 2 people behind in buying gifts,  my mom and brother.  Well, it is looking like Amazon gift cards again.  Man, I have gotten boring in my sickly state, I won’t blame this on age cuz I did well on Teresa’s gift.  Oh well, at least I know they can and will use the Amazon gift cards.  Better than me surfing to Amazon and buying something neither of them need.  But see, I used to great at gifts, now I sorta suck at gifts.  Good thing Amazon has gift cards.

Tomorrow, I get blood.  I need it.  My head is woozy and I am very fatigued, then the list of problems goes on.  We figure my hemoglobin should be around 7.5 if I am lucky.  It was 8.3 last Wednesday.  And if you do the math, should be 7.3 to 7.5.  I am hoping it is not 7.3 cuz that will mean that I will be back sooner as opposed to later.  Crap, another bad thing with it already being December, I have register to get blood again.  Every month I go thru this.  ID and Insurance Card, sign here and initial here,  OK, go have a seat.  Bleh.

Friday is my DLI#3, Thursday is a handful of appointments to make sure I am OK for the DLI.  Good news is the weather is supposed to cooperate.  At least the Iowa part of the weather is supposed to cooperate.  Cool and clear is what is predicted.  Who knows what its supposed to be in Rochester (the Rochester weatherman, I guess)?   But I am faithful that Teresa will be able to get me to Mayo in one piece and than get me home on Friday.  She is an excellent driver.

I found out all along I have been playing Skyrim regular edition, just discovered my mistake and purchased the Skyrim Special Edition.  I feel so silly that it took me so long to catch on.  I watch YouTube videos and they talk about the Special Edition all the time.  But I just assumed I had the Special Edition.  Turns out that I bought my regular edition probably a week before the Special Edition came out.  That is my luck.  Anyhow, it is fixed now, and I am playing the Special Edition now, and the biggest difference I have discovered is the water looks cooler, but there are other differences.

My new laptop isn’t being started being built until the 13th.  Getting it before Christmas is gonna be a longshot.  I hope I have it before Christmas.  I hope I have it like the 20th, but it takes time to ship.  Bah, I should have paid for overnight shipping.  But I paid too much for the laptop in general, but its a SWEET laptop that is guaranteed to last me a few years, probably last longer than I will.  That’s a cheery though now isn’t it.  Oh well, it’ll get here when it gets here, and I will load it up with crap like I always do.  And it will be my new baby.

Teresa’s gift is something she mentioned in Julyish, and talked about it.  But she decided it was too expensive.  Well, I remembered that conversation (not bad for a guy with memory issues from chemo), and got it for her.  She is either going to be really happy or really pissed that I spent so much and then really happy I got it for her.  Lots of thought went into this gift.  Probably the coolest thing I could have gotten her that she would want.

Pucky and Mojo have dental appointments on the 10th.  I am hoping they go better than the last dental appointments,  when Mojo had 5 teeth pulled.  Pucky only had 1 if I remember correctly.  Chihuahuas are famous for having bad teeth.  Genetics, you can’t beat them.  Anyhow, Teresa will take off work to take them, so I dont have to.  That is a good thing with it being cold and flu season, even though I got my flu shot it makes no sense me being around a lot of people sniffling and coughing.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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