My family not coming to visit

Bro and mom can’t come right now.   Teresa has the flu.  Yes, she got the flu shot, but the flu shot is only so protective and not again certain types of the flu.  She was really sick though, puked (several times) for the second time since I have known her, running a 102+ temperature, the works.   We have been trying to avoid each other in the house because I can’t afford to get the flu that she has.  So anyhow, I had to call my mom and let her know that they shouldn’t come with Teresa being so sick.  I feel bad about this, mom and Jim were looking forward to coming to visit and we were looking forward to them being here.  Life suck sometimes.

I see Dr. Wehbe on Thursday at 3:20.  Then start the chemo on the following Monday.  I still don’t want chemo again, but have come to the point of this is the only option at this time, so acceptance.  The chemo is really a lite chemo, should mess me up blood stat wise.  Good bye platelets in the 100s.  But it shouldn’t make me lose my hair or anything too weird. It should also mess with my ability to think and do things, so I need a full time babysitter.  We are still trying to figure out how we are going to do this.  My mother and mother-in-law have both volunteered to help, which was nice of them.  Right now I don’t know what to tell them though.

My cough is persistent.  And no longer waits till 3pm to start.  I start coughing the minute I wake and cough most all day.  It’s annoying as all hell.  I am taking Advair and Duo-Neb religiously and they seem to help a little bit, but as soon as they wear off, cough cough cough.  My lungs are clear though.  Chris (the PA) said they are Bronchial Spasms.  Sometimes wet and sometime dry.  All the time a pita.

Been playing a lot of Skyrim: Special Edition.  Beyond the water looking better, there is all sorts of cool things that are different.  And the Skyrim Creation Club is cool.  They let people develop stuff to add to the game.  Quests, Weapons, Homes, all sorts of stuff. I had a character up to level 32 when I realized I made a horrible mistake around level 12 or 13.  So I deleted that character and started over.   Yeah, I do that a lot.  Screw up and start over.  Or get bored with a character and start over.  But the point is I am having fun with Skyrim again.

My new laptop that I ordered is being assembled.  Well, I assume probably not today, but in the general rule of time, its being assembled now.  After it is assembled it goes to Quality Control then Burn In.  IBuyPower, the place I buy my computers from does a great job of keeping a person informed of that status of their build.  It may very well be shipped by the 13th.  That would be cool, it’ll be here before Christmas.  Teresa has already laid claim to this laptop.  I’ll clean up the hard drives and gift it to her for Christmas along with her other gift.

Today I have a splitting headache.  No other symptoms to whine about.  I took a couple Tylenol and they seem to be working.   If they don’t continue to work, I will take an Imitrex shot.  Those almost always work.  I’ve been getting a lot of headaches lately.  Has to deal with my hemoglobin getting lower.  Not enough blood circulating in the head.  Luckily Tylenol seems to work for me for these headaches.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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