My obligatory Christmas Eve post

It’s Christmas Eve.  The night that Teresa and I normally friendly argue about opening the gifts.  I never did get Teresa another gift, so her one from me looks lonely.  Not sure if I even have a gift on the table that isn’t from my mom or my mother-in-law.  Teresa plans to copy all my CDs to my computer and then transfer them to my phone as my gift.  I like that plan.  It’s gonna take her a while to do just that though, I have a lot of CDs.  My gift to her is still really cool in my opinion, it was expensive but I think it and her are worth what I paid for it.  I am all for opening these gifts on Christmas Eve and sleeping through as much of Christmas as possible.

I still feel ok from getting chemo a week and a half ago.  The ickyness is supposed to hit any day now.  I just hope I don’t get physically ill while my mom is here,  As I said in my last blog post, she is coming to babysit me through the worst of it.  I guess that is what mom’s are for, even if you are 49 years old.

I got my orc up to level 35 in Skyrim: Special Edition, but then got stuck on the quest Blood on the Ice.  I can’t seem to get Calixto to attack the poor girl.  Heck, I can’t get him to show up.  I have read 50 internet posts about it, others area having the same problem, others are having problems with him just standing there when he does show up.  Anyhow, this frustrated me to my wits end, so she sits there not being played.  At 36 I was planning on doing the thieve’s guild quests finally.  Now, that is unlikely  to happen.

In the mean time, I started a new Khajiit (cat person), she is only level 9 as of now.  However, she is running around without a follower and kicking tuckus.  She is the same build I played to level 40 in Vanilla Skyrim, so I think she might just be the one I play for a while, avoiding Blood on the Ice.  Right now, she is gonna build her house in Falkreath,  I actually enjoy the building of the houses, go figure.  It’s just click click click, but for some reason, I get some enjoyment out of it.

I am looking forward to seeing my mom.  She arrives this Saturday.  Hope the weather doesn’t turn to crap while she is here.  Right now we are having 50 degree days.  I don’t expect those to continue, but I hope for no snow or freezing rain while she is here.  I haven’t seen my mom since August, that is just too long to not see her.  I am not healthy enough to go to her, and I am probably gonna be sick while she is here.  Just bad timing for a visit, but necessary timing on that visit.  She’ll take good care of me.

I’ve developed a new issue though, I have a drooling problem.   Last year I had one too, and there was nothing that could be done but wait it out.   I HATE drooling.  I don’t like it when babies do it, or when old people do it, why the hell would I like it when I do it.  I don’t.  We have tried to stop it, thought it was new medicine I was put on, but came off it and still drool city.  Went back on a med I came off of, just did that, maybe it might work but I doubt it.  For the mean time I drool.

Well, I hope you all (those who celebrate it) have a wonderful Christmas tomorrow.  I hope you all get exactly what you asked for or that surprise gift that is perfect.  I personally don’t celebrate Christmas, but I like giving and getting presents, so we will continue to exchange gifts every year for as long as I am alive.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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