No Mayo trip and none until April woot

We ended up not going to Mayo yesterday, neither of us was up for the drive.  The long, boring drive through Northern Iowa, it is just mind numbing sometimes.  But it was a good thing we didn’t go, cause there was fresh snow falling and driving would have just sucked.  Besides those things, I am under close doctor supervision by Dr. Wehbe.  I have to see him every month I am on chemo down here.  I am in good hands, so good that Dr. Alkhateeb agreed that I don’t have to see him until April 10th, no visit in February or March, WOOT.  On April 10th, I have a bone marrow biopsy scheduled as well as appointments to see the pharmacist, the nurse of the day, and the good doctor himself.

The chemo appears to be working better than either doctor expected.  My hemoglobin and my platelets are both going up instead of down.  My hemoglobin went from 9.0 to 9.9 in less than a week and my platelets went from 150 last week, to 243 this week.  When I saw those numbers I nearly fainted.  I was expecting to have to get blood or platelets this week, but it appears my body is making what its supposed to make and I am very happy about that.

Now if Dr. Eastin can just get my sleep back in order, I will be golden.  He just told me to try things we had already tried and if they didn’t work, he had other ideas.  I am tired all the time now from waking up so early (2:50 today, wide awake).  We tried 2 Restoril for a week, no help.  Now we are trying 2 Sonata, which makes me super tired during the day.  Anyhow, have no faith the Sonata is going to work either, so we will have to go with one of Dr. Eastin’s other ideas.  I hope to snap out of this cycle soon and go back to sleeping 8 to 10 hours a night with drugs.  It has been way too long already, I miss sleeping solidly..

Still drooling for no reason.  Drooling sucks.  Just saying.  I feel like a baby or an older senior citizen.  I literally soak a washcloth with drool every day.  It is very annoying.  Supposedly I drooled last year too (according to Teresa, I don’t remember this), but it went away after a while.  Well, I am ready for it to stop for this year.

Other than being tired and drooling, I am doing great.  I feel good again.  But I have lost most of my interest in Dungeons and Dragons AND Professional Wrestling.  This has made Teresa upset, because all I do is play on my laptop while laying in bed listening to the TV play 80s music. I have little to no desire to leave the house for any real reason except to go to the doctor or chemo, then its cool to stop for dinner while we are out.  I haven’t driven since September, partly because I had nowhere to go and then I stopped sleeping well.  Boy have I changed in the last few months.  I hope that I revert back to what I was before, I liked him better.

Skyrim : Special Edition news…

I hit level 50 for the first time with an Orc Sword and Boarder. She kicked butt.  I stopped playing her at level 50 because it got boring.  I did everything I could to make her more enjoyable,but it became work to level her, just stopped being fun.

So, my next character was a Khajiit (cat) Thief.  I played her differently than the orc and she is still interesting at level 51.  It is still a little worky to level her, but its fun running around picking pockets and opening locks.  Plus I have almost all the dragon priests to kill.  Things to do.  But after 51 levels I decided to take a bit of a break from her.

Which brings me to my Orc Greatsworder. She is level 15 now, about to go get her Agent of Dibella.  She is also doing both the Compaions and Dawnguard stuff to get the Dragon Shouts, it is ALL GOOD.

Oh, someone asked why I am playing female characters.  I am playing female characters because Agent of Dibella gives you a 10% bonus to damage vs. the opposite sex and there is so many more male bosses in the game.  Yep, I do it to make the game even easier.  LOL.

I have tried all the races of skyrim.  The only 2 I like are Khajitt and Orc.  So, those are what I am gonna play.

For the record, Teresa and I are still madly, hopelessly in love.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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