Bad News but Great numbers

In the bad news department (I always prefer hearing the bad news first myself, so you are gonna get it that way too), Teresa has double pneumonia.  She is really sick.  Like “don’t even think about work” sick.   She got a sore throat last Friday and it tumbled into double pneumonia.  Her left lung being completely blocked and her right lung at least half way.   She is in a bad way and the meds (anti-biotics) aren’t helping.  She is going to end up being hospitalized.  This sucks for her.  I wish there was something I could do for her… now I know how helpless my mom felt when I was a kid.

In the good news department, my Hemoglobin is 10.2 and my platelets are 234.  Those numbers be going UP UP UP.  Yes, I dreaded this chemo, but my body seems to LOVE it, and I haven’t needed blood since I started this chemo.  Dacogen is the name of it.  Right now, I am getting it 3 days in a row, every 4 weeks.   My last run will be in March.  With a bone marrow biopsy planned for April 10th.  Anyhow, I am super excited and very happy with the above numbers but Dr. Wehbe had me send a message to Dr. Alkhateeb about increasing it to 5 days (the actual dose you are supposed to get) in hopes of increasing those numbers more.  I am all for that.  I don’t work, I just play games on my computer all day, every day, so going to 5 days doesn’t bother me at all.   But my true hope is with the biopsy on April 10th I don’t have to be on chemo anymore.  We shall see if the wrongs in my last biopsy are righted, and I can go on living my normalish life.

I drove for the first time since September on Monday.  It was a little weird.  But I think I drove very well.  Then I did it again Tuesday and Wednesday.  And today I had the pleasure of driving my wife to my appointment with Dr. Wehbe and then to Urgent Care for a follow up for her pneumonia.  I would say driving is like riding a bike, but I am not sure I can ride a bike anymore.  Heh.  It was nice being behind the wheel again, and being as I wouldn’t pass out due to lack of blood, it was safe too.  As long as Teresa is sick, I will be driving myself around for anything I need to do (which I can’t think of anything that I need to do).  Oh wait, someone is going to have to go grocery shopping soonish, we are running low on a lot of things.  Perhaps I will do that to help out.

My chronic cough is NOT as impressive as Teresa’s cough right now.   Teresa wins the nasty sounding cough award, hands down.  My cough is barely a tickle comparably.

In Skyrim : Special Edition news.

I have deleted several of the characters I have made since last I posted.  Including the new one I mentioned last time.  I still have a 51 level, a 50 level, a 44 level, and a 42 level either Khajiit or Orc.

I am now playing a Nord, she is wielding a Skyforge Steel Greatsword. She is kind of a one tick pony and is leveling really slow, but I am having fun, so it is all good.  Nords are the race of the people of Skyrim, so all the people who hated on my Orcs and Khajitts are loving her.  It’s funny.

I tried an Imperial and a Redguard and couldn’t get into either of them.   So, out of 11 races, I would play 3.  In order of preference, that would be Orc, Khajitt, and Nord.  I just can’t get into offensive spell casting.  And although Conjuration is fun, you can’t kill the big bad with a conjured monster and in order to get the cool monsters all of your points go into Conjuration and your personal combat skills SUCK.

Anyhow, my Nord is set to kill Alduin (the big bad dragon) either tonight or tomorrow.  I keep getting distracted with her.  Doing other quests off the main quest line.   But she is close to finishing that storyline.  She did the Companions, then she is doing the main storyline, then she is going to do Dawnguard, then Solsteim and Miraac.  It’s all good.   I am having fun.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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