How I wasted most of my weekend and next week

I start writing this while the Wyatt(Fiend)/Cena part of Wasteoftimeamania is going on.  This part is exceptionally STUPID.  Wrestlemania this year was bad (I don’t need to see the Lesnar/Drew match to know it is going to suck too).  I should have known that coming back to watching the WWE shouldn’t have been a live audienceless Wrestlemania, and yes, I watched both nights.  It is amazing how much the audience plays into Professional Wrestling and the hype they put into Wrestlemaia just made this whole two night show just fall flat.  If I had paid specifically for this show (PPV) I would have demanded my money back.  A for effort, F for entertainment, I just can’t look away from this train wreck.

Tomorrow I start another round of chemo.  Yes, I thought I was just getting four but Corona Virus occurred and stuff happened and I get at a minimum two months more of chemo.  I don’t know right now if there is more to be had after my biopsy on May 26th.  Probably, but let us just do this bit by bit shall we.  Tomorrow I start round 5 of this particular chemo.  I wish I remembered the name of what I am getting, but hey, be happy that I remember that i have to get it.

And a stupid/boring match ends Wasteoftimeamania, Drew McIntye beat Brock Lesnar for the title.  Yay for getting the belt off Lesnar, Boo for how it was done.  Maybe I shouldn’t come back to the WWE right now.  Blah.  They (the WWE announcers) are claiming it was an unforgettable two nights, well I wish I could forget them.  But enough about that.

So, its chemo at noon, Monday Tuesday and Wednesday.  Then Thursday off.  Then a call from Mayo at 10am (which is gonna be tough for me).  Then video chats with the pharmacist at 1pm and the Dr. Alkhateeb at 2pm.  That is my week this coming week.  Nothing major other than everything happening while I have been napping for the past couple of weeks.  My days and nights are flopped.  Guess I am gonna have to live with changing it back starting tomorrow.

Yes. my sleep is still messed up.  I go to bed early, I go to bed late, doesn’t matter, I wake around 3am.  Then I am up till 9am and nap from then until I am not tired anymore, usually around 2 or 3pm, but occasionally as late as 5 or 7pm.  Today, for instance, I was asleep from 9am to 1:45pm, after sleeping from 11:30pm to 3:15am. Maybe I will take a couple sleep pills tonight in hopes of sleeping past 3:30am and not nap in the morning. That sounds like a solid plan.  Do whatever it takes to make it thru this coming week.

It is looking like I won’t be having a STILL NOT DEAD YET party this year.  Jim already cancelled his annual cookout in June too which I wouldn’t have been able to make.  I probably won’t make Thanksgivingfest or lunch the day after.  Hopefully, by August, the powers that be will have decided if I get a second transplant, then its probably another 100ish days up in Rochester.  And that will just wipe out any chance of me doing anything in the Fall or early Winter.  Blah.  Whatever it takes to live a while longer.  I’m not ready to check out just yet.

Mom and Jim seem to really like her new house.  Mom cuz its all on one floor, no stairs.  Jim cuz he has his own man cave in the garage, not sure if he has turned that into a bedroom or just a hang out place.  I will have to ask.  Anyhow, I am happy for them because this is what they needed, not the big place on McCool.  I may never get to see the new house in person, but hey that is my problem, not theirs.  I hope they both remain happy about it and live there for many years.

Governor Reynolds still has not issued a “Stay at Home” or “Safe at Home” or “Whatever at Home” order.  The death total in Iowa hasn’t been paid yet I guess.  Iowa just isn’t sick enough as a whole.  We are 1 of 8 states without such order.  She has declared a state of emergency for Iowa.  She has closed all non-essential businesses, and restaurants can only do take or delivery right now.  No gatherings of more than 10 people are allowed.  So, she argues that with all of that, we don’t need a “* at Home” order.  I think this will cost her reelection.  Everyone except her and her cronies are saying we should have that order in place by now, From Dr. Fauci all the way down to my neighbor who I chatted Very briefly with from about 10 feet cuz sometimes 6 feet isn’t enough all say we need that order.  She is being pretty dense in my opinion.

Oh yeah, I am not even sure if Teresa can come sit with me while I get chemo.  They (Dr. Wehbe’s office) have a weird set of rules.  She may just get to drive me there and wait in the car..  If they have all my chemo ready, that is an hour and a half minimum, tomorrow longer cuz I have to get labs first.  I am gonna have to argue that she is necessary for me to function even though they know better there.  lol, should be interesting.

So, to sum up this post.  Wrestlemania was a farce.  My days and night are screwed and I have to fix it starting tomorrow.  Mom and Jim love their new home.  The Governor is waiting for more to die.  And Teresa might not be able to be with me while I get chemo.  Yup, not a lot to say but somehow got near 1000 words.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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