Back into Dungeons and Dragons and stuff

Last night I played Dungeons and Dragons for the first time in months.  It was fun.  Cori was the DM and it was the last of her three night adventure.  For being a new DM she did a really good job.  I believe she said this was her 3rd adventure ever DMing.  We got into a weird situation and she handled it as well as I would have, if not better.  It was all good.  My Blood Hunter was OP though, too much damage.  So, if we play again with these characters, I will switch characters to something more balanced.  I don’t know what this character will be as of yet, but I figure I got some time.  But I am glad to have played last night, it was great and reminded me how much I missed playing.

I got a hold of Dr. Wehbe yesterday and he agreed that moving my appointment out to the 23rd made sense.  So he had his scheduler call me, and we made the new appointment.  I still have to go downtown for this appointment.  BLAH, everything at Dr. Wehbe’s Clive office is closed (except the lab for some reason).  I still am not entirely sure of the reason for this closure; when asked, they respond something about the Corona Virus.  Anyhow, now I am driving downtown 4 more times (maybe 5) before my trip to Mayo on May 28th.

Teresa is watching one of the Lord of the Rings movies (sorry, they all seemed the same to me), not really my thing.   The movies are too long (as are the books) and get really boring at times.  I couldn’t get into said movie, so I decided to write this blog entry.  Turns out there are two of the Lord of the Rings movies on, Teresa said this other one is better.  BLAH, they are all the same thing.

I am bored with Skyrim: Special Edition, I am bored with Civilization 4 Warlords…  No new games have come out (that I know of) that will fill their collective hole.  Now I am not playing any computer games.  So I sit around surfing the net most of the day,  and eating.  Up to 208 pounds, that is how much eating I have been doing.  Need to find something to occupy my time.  Need to find SOMETHING FUN to occupy my time.

I am thinking of trying to run yet another Dungeons and Dragons campaign.  I’ve only had one of six go several sessions and then cancer came and slapped me in the face.  Well, now I got cancer, and it is mostly under control.  I got several weeks before I have to go to Mayo and get the results of my biopsy.  So perhaps, just perhaps I might just start a new campaign.  I know if I pick the right night, I have at least two players already, Jason and Cori.  Just need a few more 2 or 3.  And like I said, I will need to pick the right night.

I feel good.  Fatigued, but good.  Fatigue is the biggest side effect of this chemo I am on.  I don’t seem to be having any side effects except fatigue and that is great news.  I would hate for any other side effect to be an issue.  This is truly baby bump chemo.  I hope on May 28th that my cells are the right size.  That is why I am on this chemo, to fix too large of platelets and too small of red blood cells or vice versa.

And I have thought about it, I want the 2nd transplant if it gets offered.  I am willing to take another shot at the GvHD thing.  I got lucky the first time, if you consider that the reason I had to have a transplant was cancer.  Well, I suppose since I still got the cancer perhaps I will get lucky again.  I have weighed out the pros and cons of having a 2nd transplant and have come to the conclusion that it could be really good for me.  Teresa is still unsure.

Well, that is all I think I have to say for now.  Dear readers, please stay safe and healthy.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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