Things I do while Phantom is on

Sitting here watching The Phantom of The Opera on the big TV at the end of the bed with Teresa.  Well, she is watching it, I am mostly just listening to it and glancing up from time to time.  I have vague memories of seeing Phantom live in Vegas.  I guess it’s not my thing, but it makes Teresa happy that I am here “watching” it with her.  It’s not musical theatre I don’t like, give me Les Miserables or Jesus Chris Superstar and I am happy, it’s just Phantom that I don’t really care for.  But like I said, if it makes Teresa happy I can sit thru 3+ hours of this.  At least it’s a good production.

What I am truly thinking about is my Dungeons and Dragons campaign continuing on Tuesday night.  I have 3 distinct ideas, but all 3 MIGHT be too tough for the party.  When I punch the monsters into DnDBeyond’s encounter thingy, it says that the encounter would be deadly, and I don’t really want to kill any characters out of hand.   I mean in they bite it in a hard encounter, that would be one thing, but sending them into a deadly encounter and they die might be way out of line for me.  A death is a challenging encounter is one thing, a death in a deadly encounter is completely different.  So, I will rework all 3 ideas and see which one I can calm down enough.  Actually there are 4 ideas, the 4th being introducing the big bad guy who gets away in the end.  Always a decent standby and it needs to happen sometime but now it might be too soon.  As of right now, I Just don’t know.

Yesterday, I got a call from my shrink’s office, they are only doing video conferencing appointments for now.  So, my appointment Thursday at 4pm with Dr. Eastin will be held via video conference.  I was all set to call them and tell them I wasn’t coming and literally as I was looking for my phone they called to set this up.  Way cool of them.

Also, I changed my Dr. Wehbe appointment to video conference too.  My appointment is at 1:20 on Thursday.  Now I have to have my blood work on Wednesday at 2pm.  That way Dr. Wehbe gets to see my blood work before the appointment.  I don’t mind it is a 2 day thing, I don’t have to drive downtown.  I get to go to the close place to get my lab work done, every other part of the office is shut down, but not the lab.

Now if the could just figure out how to give me chemo thru video.  Then I wouldn’t have to drive downtown again.  But since they have to put an IV in my arm and pump poison in, it is kind of hard if I am not there.  So, I will make the appointments and all will be well enough.  I’ll moan and complain about driving downtown, but its not that bad right now as traffic is virtually non-existent with the Corona Virus lockdown.

Speaking of the Covid-19 lockdown, I read an article in where Dr. Fauci (the supposed smartest guy on this subject) said the lockdown should go another 15 months.  I think Dr. Fauci is probably right as far as medically, however, mentally, people are already going nuts in and out of their homes.  The lockdown has to be over sooner as opposed to later because I do no think the people of the US in general would put up with it.

Poor Mojo…  Chihuahuas are known for having bad teeth, and Mojo is living up to that.  He has problems on both sides of his mouth.  We called our Vet and they are not doing any teeth cleanings or extractions during the lockdown only emergencies (if one of his teeth were to abscess, it’d be another story).  Sucks for poor Mojo who obviously in pain.  Pucky is good, he has always had good teeth to the surprise of our Vet.

No game tonight as I mentioned before in this blog.  Nothing to save me from the last hour of the Phantom of the Opera.  So, I guess I just sit here and half listen to the end of this.  And work on my game.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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