April weather DND and Doctor stuff,

Good morning, folks.  The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, its supposed to get to 63 degrees today and then its supposed to storm.   Well, at least the morning seems nice.  Gotta love April weather in the Midwest.  One day its 30 degrees 2 days later its 60+ degrees, snow on the weekend, 70s during the week.  Yeah, April is the Midwest is the bomb.

Tonight we play Dungeons and Dragons.  Specifically Maloon, it was Tombs of Maloon, but the second adventure took them to a Temple, so I think its just Maloon now.  There will be more Tombs, but first they have to survive the Temple.  And that won’t be easy; I may have made the later Yuan-ti of the temple too tough.  We shall see tonight and probably into next week.  It’s all good, there is a place in the temple which is fortifiable and they’ll be able to get a Long Rest to get back Spell Slots.  They just have to find it, fight to it, and get in it.  But there is a safe spot.

Tomorrow I go for a blood draw.  Lab work at the close office, for some reason they closed all of the rest of the office but left the lab open.  Weird.  But good for me, I do not have to drive downtown tomorrow.  This lab work is for Dr. Wehbe and Dr. Alkhateeb.  Both doctors get it, and both get to say how good I am doing on this chemo.

I see Dr. Wehbe via my iphone on Thursday.  They got some program which can take control of my camera on the phone so we will be seeing each other I assume. So, I had Teresa shave my head last night and I look good, well as good as I can look.  My appointment with him is at 1:20.

I don’t see Dr. Alkhateeb until May 28th, that is assuming Mayo has the Covid-19 issue until control.  Because I aint going if it is still a giant cesspool of Covid-19 germs.  No, they can’t make me go.  Bad enough they put the blood test at 8:30am.  I don’t need to go to end up in the hospital hooked to a respirator cuz I went to the hospital for a test.  Covid-19 is no joke, I am afraid to get it.  That is why I don’t leave my house except when I absolutely have to and then I am wearing a N98 mask.  Yep, I haven’t lived this long with cancer to die from a virus.

There will be one more round of chemo before I go to see Dr. Alkhateeb.  And for those 3 times, I will be driving downtown. BOO.

I see my shrink on Thursday too via Teresa’s laptop.  They took have a program which can grab the camera and make it a two way teleconference.  I don’t really need to see Dr. Eastin.  Mentally I am fine.  And this appointment was originally made to happen after my bone marrow biopsy results came back.  So maybe I will call them and make sure he wants to see me now.  That appointment is at 4pm.

I got nothing going on Friday during the day.  But Friday night is more Dungeons and Dragons.  I will be running a One shot (maybe 2) because I feel like it.  It’s all good.  I can temporarily run 2 games in a week.  No worries about that.  I have the perfect plan to run by these characters on a one shot (maybe 2) basis.  So we play on Friday night.

Saturday is spend with Teresa, we don’t do much of anything, but I get to be with her and the dogs and try to forget that the Corvid-19 lockdown is in effect.

But Sunday evening I am going to be playing in Jason’s campaign. He got me a work in.  Heh, he asked for a long backstory, I gave him 847 words of backstory and a lot of adventure hooks if he wants them.  Jason jumped on one for my work in, so bravo to him.  I am so looking forward to playing in this game, so excited about it.  I just hope my role-playing chops are up for it because Cori and Jason both warned me it was heavy role playing.  I used to be really good at it, but haven’t had to role-play much in 20ish years.  Hope it is like riding a bicycle.

I went from no Dungeons and Dragons to a lot of Dungeons and Dragons.  I went from no interest, to fresh excitement about it again.  Yes, I am meant to play, I am meant to DM.  It feels so good to be back in the D&D world.  A thank you to everyone who is playing in my games and to Jason for allowing me into his; You all rock.

So, its 8am.  Time for burrito breakfast, I think.  I already vomited out my excitement about Jason’s campaign to Jason a couple hours ago.  So, now I just gotta chill about it, have breakfast, go thru my notes for whats gonna happen tonight.  And wait for Teresa to wake up (she worked a maintenance last night, so she is sleeping in today, and I don’t blame her).  Everything is well in the Campbell house.  So, I am off.  Another First 2 Eleven song to send you off.  I think I can find another original song.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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