It’s mostly good.

Good morning fine peoples.  Today promises to be one filled with Thunder and Heavy Rains.  I like spring storms.  The more (rain) storms in April, the better imo.

Dr Wehbe video appointment worked just fine although his side of the video was stuck.  We talked for a while and we chatted for a bit and it was all good.  My blood stats are a source of much enjoyment for him.  He is a great guy.

The Dr Eastin video appointment never happened.  I sat there on the welcome screen for 23 minutes and nothing.  So, I finally tried to refresh and reconnect and it gave me server errors.  So, I did not see my shrink yesterday like was originally planned.  Now I have to call him this morning and let him know what happened.  I will be damned if he thinks I am gonna pay for server errors.

Turns out the Chris (the PA) thinks that Teresa’s super pneumonia back in December was probably Covid-19.  It took 3 antibiotics and 14 days for her to get better.  It was worse than any pneumonia that I ever had except when I went septic.  So, considering the symptoms that Teresa had, I could agree the she might have had Covid-19, however, I was around her quite a bit and did not get it, so it was probably just a really bad pneumonia, a really really bad pneumonia.

We paid off Teresa’s car the other day, which means one less bill. Woot.  Now we own outright 2 orange dodge cars.  lol.  A 2005 Orange Dodge Neon and a 2015 Orange Dodge Dart. however they aren’t the same color orange.  I think Teresa’s dart’s orange looks better.  But I am glad to finally have that car paid off.

During my talk with Dr. Wehbe I asked how long the chemo would work.  He basically said 8 months for AML a little longer for MDS.  It’s an it works until it stops working kind of thing.  When it stops working or my hope, before it stops working, I will probably have a second transplant.  Which will mean another extended stay up in Rochester, MN.

Like I said, I am hoping for the 2nd transplant to be sooner as opposed to later.  I don’t want to be on chemo for a long long time.  Teresa is in direct opposition to me on this though.  She would rather I stay on chemo till it stops working and then get the transplant.  Her argument is that each treatment extends my life a little bit, so why cut one short?  I can see her argument and counter with chemo sucks, even the baby chemo I am on now just plain sucks.  So, in 35 days we are going to have a talk with Dr. Alkhateeb about this and I have agreed to go with whatever he suggests, he is after all, the “expert”.

I have less than 11 hours to get an adventure ready for the Gang Gaming Server.  I have a decent idea, but I have to flesh it out a lot.  It’s ok though, back in my hey day, I could run a 3 hour session with just an idea.  Now I am old, and have chemo-brain, so I have to jot down notes and such.   I got plenty of time.  Dungeons and Dragons is not rocket science.

I remade my Twilight Cleric using standard array  much to my disgruntleness.  I am gonna play on Sunday in Jason’s Dungeons and Dragons one shot.  My character will kick butt with the warrior and then heal his butt when the warrior gets hurt.  Yup, my character is a tough guy on paper at least.  We shall see how he plays on Sunday night.

Come mid-June, if I am not preparing for the 2nd transplant.  I will probably be starting a Sunday noon Dungeons and Dragons campaign.  I have lots of stuff almost ready and only 1 and a partial outlet for it.  So, a second regularly scheduled campaign slot will provide me the time I need to get these ideas out of my head.  Yes, I tried a Sunday afternoon game before and cancelled it after 1 or 2 sessions but that was because I was sleeping in.  Now I wake up at 6 and then nap till 11ish, so noon would be fine.  Jason has stated he cant do Sunday during the day.  Cori is probably in cuz she just likes to play.  Danny, if the lockdown is lifted, will probably play.  Dave might play.  It’s all good, I can run to reddit/r/lfg and fill spots without much problem.  Yeah, this is what I plan to do.  But not until after I get the bone marrow biopsy results.

I think everything really is dependent on the May 28th bone marrow biopsy and the roughly June 3rd or 4th biopsy results.  Haven’t I been here before.  Waiting on biopsy results to determine if I can do anything.  Blah, life of an MDS patient, it sucks.

OK, I am out of here.  Stay safe.  Stay sane. Remember it is all good until someone gets hurt.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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